10 tips for a happy indoor cat

Some people think cats are indifferent and evil creatures, this is not true. Cats just don’t need a lot of attention from their owners, unlike other animals like dogs. But I assure you that your cat loves you, he just shows it in his way.

So how can you keep your cat happy indoors? Keeping your cat indoors is one of the best ways to protect him from other animals, or at least to protect birds. We all know cats are great hunters, especially when it comes to birds. It will therefore be preferable to keep your cats indoors or on a terrace.

10 tips to keep your cat happy
Here is a list of 10 tips for cat owners to keep their feline friends happy:

1. Set up a bird-watching station

The reason that pet cats chase birds and other small animals is that it is in their blood. If you feed your cat well, it will always maintain its natural prey-catching behavior towards small animals. So, to prevent your cat from killing wildlife creatures and at the same time keep them happy, you should get them a cat perch.

It is a small cat bed that can be mounted on the glass or your window sill, perfectly giving your cat a good view outside. Set up a birdbath or feeder right outside the window where you set up the cat perch. This way your cat will have many hours of viewing pleasure, and you can also keep the wildlife safe from your cat’s prey.

2. Play with your feline friend

Cats are playful creatures, not as active as other furry animals, but active enough to keep you and your cat entertained. They are flexible and are natural athletes if your pet cannot work his excess energy then he could go crazy in your house (not though).

There are many cat toys sold in pet stores to keep your cat entertained. Their fake mice, feather toys, laser pointers, strings, and more to make your cat jump. Remember, if your cat is tired of having too much playtime, the happier he is.

3. Let your pet hunt

No, I don’t want to leave your cat outside and just let him chase the birds. What I mean is you have to provide them with a hunting game so that they don’t get bored and look for a way out. Stimulate his hunting instinct by placing treats around your house. Cats are curious animals, with this kind of activity they would be less bored.

You can also put treats in cat puzzle toys to keep your pet mentally stimulated. It is an enrichment tactic that is also used for big cats in zoos, it is to help to have a good physical and mental condition.

4. Always place a clean litter box

Cats are sensitive to smells and would like a clean environment to be happy. When they do their own thing, they do it in a place where they can bury it after relieving themselves. It’s an instinct on their part. So if they find a dirty litter box, they might find another place they can relive on their own.

Change your pet’s litter at least twice a week and collect it at least once a day. To prevent excess litter from spreading around the house, place a mat in front of the box to hang the excess litter on your cat’s paws. Not only will this keep you and your pet happy, but it will also keep your home clean from scattered trash.

5. Give your pet a cat tree

Felines are natural climbers, in wild cats climbing trees is their way of chasing their prey and their kind of safe place when they are afraid. Domestic cats have preserved this kind of behavior. So to at least prevent your cat from climbing on your curtains, or climbing on your closets, which would then result in several broken glasses, provide him with a cat tree.

A cat tree or often referred to as a cat condo can extend from your floor to the ceiling of your home. There are smaller ones if you prefer. If you ever install a cat tree in your home, I suggest placing it near a window to give your pet a good view of the outdoors.

6. Place a scratching material in your house

Each cat has their favorite scratching material, so you may have to try a few scratchers before you can find the right one. It is best to get a scraper before even thinking about acquiring a pet cat, to prevent it from scratching and damaging your furniture.

7. Use a terrace

If you want your pet to experience what it’s like to be outdoors, consider using a patio or “catio” for them. You can either build your own or buy a ready-made one. It also enhances their space other than inside your home, place some climbing objects, plants, steps, ramps, or if you prefer, a koi pond on the patio.

8. Use catnip

Catnip is a kind of mint plant that contains natural oil, it is called a nepetalactone. It has a unique effect on cats when they inhale, chew, or rub their face or body on it. It’s a bit like a drug for them, it makes them a little high. Don’t worry, catnip is harmless and temporary. If you want another tool to make your cat happy and stimulated, consider purchasing catnip.

9. Take your cat regularly to his veterinarian

As cats get older, their appetite and activity normally decline. But it can also be a sign of illness, so be sure to take your cat to their vet regularly to have their condition checked.

10. Let him sleep where he prefers to sleep

Instead of buying an expensive cat bed for your feline friend, why not just provide him with a cardboard box, old blankets, box, or towels as a bed. Cats sleep in strange places, it can be in baskets, drawers, pots, or even on a pile of papers. But instead of getting mad at them, just let them sleep wherever they want. But if you think he is sleeping in a place where he can injure himself, either move him gently or transport him to a safer place.


Most of them know that cats have a reputation for being independent and distant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their owners and their company. Cats also want to be entertained and need a companion. So besides providing them with them, also give them some attention to make them feel that they are loved. With proper care and enough attention, this will be enough to keep your cat happy in your care.

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