A 21-year-old girl, Morag, ends up in a shelter, then becomes an Internet star.

A 21-year-old girl, Morag, ends up in a shelter, then becomes an Internet star.

Morag, a sweet and lively 21-year-old kitten living in Worcester, UK, suddenly became an Internet sensation. She needed a forever home and offers poured in from all over the world, including Australia, the United States and even Japan. The inimitable black and white senior female, said to be 100 years old, became extremely popular when the kind folks at the Worcester branch of the RSPCA put out an appeal on social media in February. An appeal that has been shared 3,000 times, BBC News reports.

Morag finds love from people all over the world.
This must have been a huge relief for the staff. Morag landed at the shelter because her original owner could no longer care for her. There was concern that her age would discourage potential adopters. She is the oldest kitten to land at the shelter. But they didn’t have to worry and she has since found someone to care for her – right in Worcester, where this real-life “golden girl” can spend her retirement years.

I guess that’s what drew the fans:

“Morag is a real golden girl, at an incredible 21 years young! Considering her great age she’s actually very lively and mobile-in fact we struggled to get photos of her as she refuses to stay still!” the RSPCA noted on Facebook.

Morag the kitty -Images via Facebook/RSPCA Worcester and Mid – Worcestershire Branch

In the clip below you can see this kitty is definitely lovable and perky:

Video via Facebook

A little cleaning gave Morag a new lease on life!

She was looking a little ragged and her fur was matted, “so she had to brave shaving, but we’re sure her fluffy coat will grow back soon,” the shelter says in a Facebook post.

Via facebook

This adorable gal with such deep yellow eyes is also a very friendly cat. I think it’s safe to assume people were more than happy to offer to take her in.

“Morag is such a loving girl, she absolutely loves receiving visitors to her pen and she just wants the comforto of someone who can offer her a warm, loving home, somewhere comfy to sleep, a nice secure garden where she can go outside and enjoy some fresh air, good food and of course the all-important head rubs,” the rescue posted.

Doesn’t she sound like a wonderful kitty?

“…Check out how much she and our Centre Manager, Ned, love one another


” they posted to Facebook.

Senior cat and Ned


The Response Was Massive

RSPCA Center manager Ned Cotton said the international response to this gentle senior kitty had “absolutely overwhelmed” staff and folks even sent gifts to the senior moggy, Metro reports.

“We never thought for one moment that her story would take off like it did, but a 21-year-old cat looking for a retirement home to live out the remainder of her days seemed to resonate with people and we were inundated with interest and offers of homes for her.”

I think people also love that flirty little face and that little pink nose. Who could resist that?

Like most senior kittens, Morag is somewhat “high maintenance.” Ned added that she would do better in a quiet house.

Morag is safe!

And that’s exactly what she found: a calm, loving home. Morag’s new human parents say she “loves to be hugged,” and her favorite pastimes include “sleeping (of course), walking around the garden and upstairs and eating,” per Metro.

“We’re delighted that she’s found a wonderful home to call her own and we know she’s going to be thoroughly pampered and much loved there, just as she deserves,” Ned says.

It seems like luck is on this rescue’s side. RSPCA Worcester has an excellent track record of rehoming older kitties. Including kitties Violet (16), Joy (15), Barbara (19), and Bernard (19).

“Age really is just a number and rehoming an older pet can be incredibly rewarding,” says Claire Wood, who works at the shelter. “You’re giving them the best possible life in their twilight years and we will always do our utmost to ensure a happy ending for every animal that comes into our care, young or old.”

According to the ASPCA, approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized every year (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats). This is a tragic statistic. Many folks love to adopt kittens and puppies (well they are cute, after all) older animals are also beautiful. They are often much calmer—no barking at 3:00 or early morning zoomies across your face. Every older animal deserves a loving home and we really need to step up.

After all, Morag is an adorable senior kitty. She’ll spend her days with all the comfort and love that she could possibly ever need. Don’t all senior animals deserve love?



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