A Brave dog risked his life to fight off puma and save two little girls

This dog named Morocho risked his life to save the lives of 2 girls.

The legendary dogo who defeated a puma to save the children.💖

A few months ago, ulises ( the grandson of dr. nores martines – the creator) decided to go to the cocha to do some chores.

Her idea was to go and come back the same day, so she took her oldest daughter, ‘Sofía’, who is 10 years old. The trip was uneventful.

Once at the estancia, they started to work with Tomás, the foreman. Sofía and Yoli, Tomás’ daughter, asked permission to go pick and eat figs from a giant fig tree located 700 meters from the main house.

Knowing that the best figs are usually found at the top of the tree, Yoli climbs the highest branch she can.

There was just one problem. She wasn’t the only one at the top of the tree.

When Yoli was about 2 meters above the ground, she began to hear noises at the top of the tree, like branches twitching and leaves moving.

She had no idea that there was also a cougar, also known as a mountain lion or cougar, in that same tree.

She looked up and saw a BIG mountain lion leaping along the upper branches. “The animal struck the child with a paw and Yoli took the whole fall, falling flat on her back from eight feet up.”

Neither child was aware that Morocho, one of Ulises’ best dogo, had followed them playfully, tail wagging, as he almost always does when they walk around the estancia.

Yoli’s father heard the girls screaming and ran as fast as he could.

When Morocho came face to face with a puma, the Dogo Argentino decided to risk his life to save two little girls.

“I thought it was a snake,” said Tomas Bracamonte. “I came running. I ran to them as fast as I could.”

When he arrived, he found Morocho. The dog was badly injured but still alive. Puma ran away.

Thanks to Morocho, these two little girls are alive today. Millions of people around the world were shocked by Morocho’s heroic act.

May God love him, our furry angels are watching over all of us!!! Bless him!🙏

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Source image: androdass
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