A man rescues two abandoned pit bulls from a shelter, and shortly after they repay him by saving his life

A man rescues two abandoned pit bulls from a shelter, and shortly after they repay him by saving his life.

When you want a new pet, it’s always best to adopt it from a shelter. It’s an opportunity to give a homeless or abandoned animal a new life.

And sometimes, when you save an animal, it saves you in return. That’s what one man discovered when his adopted dogs saved the day.

A man named Robert McGowan found two pit bulls at a local shelter. According to The Dodo, the dogs had had a hard life and had been abandoned.

It’s no surprise: pit bulls are the most common breed of dog in shelters, and their reputation as aggressive dogs scares people away.

But Robert opened his heart to these poor dogs, adopted them, and named them Ellabelle and Ladybug.

He gave them a loving home, and the pit bulls turned out to be kind and friendly dogs.

But in a recent incident, the dogs revealed their true character.

One night, Robert was in his garage when he was suddenly attacked by four strangers. They punched him, gave him a black eye, and intended to steal his car.

They demanded the keys, and Robert replied that they were inside. Little did they know what they would find inside.

Suddenly, the two pit bulls came to their owner’s defense, barking and chasing the attackers.

“They chased them away,” Robert told The Dodo. “My girls ran into the garage and stood over me.”

“They stood there barking, making it clear that no one would hurt me again. The four people left.”

According to Robert, the dogs are docile and non-aggressive, despite the breed’s reputation…but they won’t hesitate to get defensive when their loved one is threatened.

This is a story that proves how loyal and loving rescue dogs can be. It’s easy to imagine how things might have turned out if Robert hadn’t taken them into his home. Robert implored people who read his story to consider adoption.

“These are rescues. Unwanted dogs,” he wrote. “They saved my life. Please consider adopting a rescue. They could save your life too.”

Source image: Facebook/MARS – My Animal Rescue Society

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