A sad cat rescued from the street finds happiness in his beautiful eyes

A sad cat rescued from the street finds happiness in his beautiful eyes

Regardless of their situation, all cats deserve a good home. So it’s good to know that many caring people are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a better life for the cats they’ve rescued.


Marie-Eve, a lady from Montreal, is one of those people. She spotted a kitten in her neighborhood and knew she had to help it.

It looked like it was on its own and had been living outside for a while.

The poor thing was covered in dirt and matted hair and was suffering. The sadness in his eyes almost broke his heart.

So she took the initiative to get Kitty off the street. It was obvious to Marie-Eve that he hadn’t had much human companionship because she was having trouble catching him.


He avoided the trap she had set for nearly three weeks until he was so hungry he couldn’t resist eating.

Eventually, she did, and Marie-Eve breathed a big sigh of relief. She tried to find a place for him in one of the shelters, but there were none available, so she took him to the vet for treatment.

Kittens Orphans Montreal stepped in and offered to take in the kitten and provide him with additional medical care and rehabilitation.


He was covered in war wounds, including a large abscess on his cheek. His ears were frozen, so they knew he had spent at least one winter outside.

It seems that Marie-Eve saved him in extremis, as the vet said he could not have survived another winter on his own.

They named him Marcel and once in his foster home, he was showered with love and attention.


He quickly came out of his shell and began to trust the people around him and was quick to ask for hugs.

His life today is so different from the one he had before Marie-Eve rescued him from the streets.

Two months after being rescued, Marcel was adopted into a forever home. The sadness in his eyes was completely gone, they were now filled with joy.


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