A very sick dog lay waiting to die on a street corner

On the way back, I found Jack curled upon a wet sheet on a corner. He coughed and hada runny nose a lot. Jack laid there in pain, his eyes desperate as if he accepted his fate.

He kept coughing, I didn’t know
what happened to him How long has he been here? Why doesn’t anyone help him?

I immediately took him to a
nearby vet for treatment. At the vet, after being warmed up, Jack was allowed to perform tests.

Results would be available
after 2 days. The boy was very obedient and cooperates with the doctor .

Look at the boy’s eyes, he seemed
to want to thank everyone. Day 3, our little Jack suffered from the terrible disease of pneumonic plague.

Plague is an extremely dangerous disease The boy’s runny nose and constant cough made me very worried. How much more pain did this little boy have to endure?

The doctor washed his nose and gave him injections to increase his resistance. He was not hospitalized, we were asked to pick him up because of the overexposure. I was at an impasse. We sat with him in the car for 3 hours and didn’t know where to go.

Luckily a friend of mine put Jack in a warm room. It’s good that you are not alone, when there are many good people to help you. At that moment Jack was feeling warm and safe.

But he laid pensive and didn’t want to communicate Day 6, he took all the prescribed medicines but Jack’s condition was still not improving.

His cough hadn’t subsided. And here is the cozy room we prepared for him

Seeing him cough constantly made me so heartbroken, I wish I could share his pain. Jack could still only eat a little bit even though it was his favorite food. And he was also used to being cared for and taken care of by others May a miracle come to this poor boy soon.

Jack was still quite timid, shy when I approached and stroked him. I couldn’t describe what my heart felt at that moment.

I knew that deep down in his heart there was a sadness It could be abandonment, abuse, and that affected him.

Whatever it was, he was saved and I would do my best to cure him. Watch him shake my hand timidly What a sweet boy.

Day 14, that day, I went with Jack to the another vet. We completed the first stage of treatment and seemed to be getting better.

He had less runny nose, less cough, good mucous membranes good appetite and normal stools. But the battle with the disease did not stop there, it continues.

And we won’t give up until he’s completely healthy And after spending time together, he became closer and trusted us more.

After a month of treatment, we could finally go for a walk together Together we have overcome this terrible disease.

The boy was very excited because it had been a long time since he went out And the boy also became more sociable, made many new friends

And this handsome boy was on his way to Moscow and he was very excited. He said goodbye to the past and welcomed a beautiful new life ahead.

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