After a year of searching, a woman discovers the mysterious cat and also saves her kittens

After a year of searching, a woman discovers the mysterious cat and also saves her kittens.

Kymmi, a Las Vegas-based TNR (trap, neuter and return) rescuer, had an altercation with a feral cat a year ago outside an electric company. That’s when she discovered the cat’s three kittens, all of which had eye abnormalities and were in dire need of medical attention. She rescued the kittens just in time, but was unable to find their mother.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

The trio’s road to recovery was long and difficult, but with careful attention, things began to improve for them. Kymmi returned to the neighborhood with the intention of finding the mother and caring for all the street cats.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

“With the exception of the mama cat, she was able to catch the entire colony,” Nikki Martinez, foster mom to the three kittens, told Love Meow. “For months, Kymmi went night after night, week after week, trying in vain to capture their mama.”

The business owner, who cares for neighborhood cats, continued to search for the elusive mother. Despite several failed attempts to locate her, Kymmi’s desire never wavered.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

Ten days later, Kymmi finally received the news she had been waiting for. The business owner contacted her to let her know the cat had returned, but she wasn’t the only one.

“I realized it was a new catch when the caregiver informed me that she had new kittens,” Kymmi told Love Meow.

She phoned Nikki, who promptly hit the road with a trap. Nikki placed some stinky snacks inside the trap and waited for the feral mother to appear from a safe distance. They finally got the elusive feline to safety after a year of searching.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

Hidden under some bushes, out of sight. “They were all huddled in a very thick bush, and I couldn’t reach them,” Nikki explained.

“I called my sister Cordy, who lives a mile away, and she jumped in her car with her gloves and gardening supplies to help me!”.

They were able to rescue the kittens one by one after carefully removing the twigs and branches – in total, four fur babies were found. They meticulously examined the bushes to make sure no cat had been left behind.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

The mom cat and her kittens were reunited in the comfort of a new nest in Kymmi’s home. After a brief tour of their new surroundings, the kittens snuggled up to their mother and were nursed into an adorable assembly line.

Mom is very protective of her babies and doesn’t like contact with people, but she enjoys the meal service and the cozy nest Kymmi has prepared for her.

She can now focus on caring for her demanding babies and meeting all their needs.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

She will never have to go through another pregnancy and fend for herself with her kittens on the street after having several litters. She will enjoy being a cat and doing cat things for the first time.

The kittens were named Tesla, Volta, Faraday and Franklin because they were found near an electric company.

Credit: Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens

The four kittens are enjoying the joys of life in their playpen, rolling around in their clean blankets and sheets, trying to wrestle with each other and their mother’s tail, and learning to walk and jump.

In this video, you can follow the cat family’s rescue journey:

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