An abandoned cat keeps kissing his new mom on the nose

An abandoned cat keeps kissing his new mom on the nose.

As animal lovers, we hate ignorant and irresponsible owners who abandon their pets and leave them to fend for themselves on the streets. Fortunately, there are still many people out there who are willing to rescue them and give them a second chance at life.


Last month, on a sunny afternoon, a kind-hearted woman found a cat hiding under her son’s car in a parking lot. The cat was hiding from 100-degree heat and cooling off by lying on a concrete sidewalk covered by the car.


The woman immediately contacted Cats of San Bernardino, a nonprofit organization based in San Bernardino, California, to help the poor animal.

The rescuers then rushed to the parking lot and checked on the cat. Fortunately for them, the cat was not feral, so they easily touched it and took it in.


“He was just like, ‘Please, somebody pick me up,'” Jaina, of Cats of San Bernardino, told The Dodo. “He just allowed us to pick him up and he wasn’t moving.”

Rescuers gently coaxed the poor cat into the carrier and took him to the vet for examination. At first, they thought the cat was a female, but then they discovered it was a male.


“We thought the cat was a female because it was so malnourished and it had already been neutered.”

Everyone deduced that his previous owners moved and abandoned him. They left him outside and he fended for himself. That’s why he was so skinny, with lots of matted hair and bald patches.


He had a bald patch on his forehead that extended to one eye. The vets also discovered a swollen area that caused one of his eyes to be only half-open.

“We had the abscess on his forehead examined. We put him on antibiotics.”


Jaina and Ivy, who were also volunteers with the CSB organization, named the cat Valentino and helped him heal.

“He just wanted to let everyone know and let everyone know he’s okay. He’s responding well to the antibiotics. The inflammation is almost gone. He’s gaining weight and getting stronger. He has new hair growing back.”


They were simply amazed at the cat’s transformation after a few weeks. As soon as he started to heal, he began to form a strong bond with his rescuers.

“His personality turned into this, ‘I love you guys!’ Every time we pick him up, he starts rubbing our faces and saying thank you. And then he also likes to give kisses, so he kisses my nose. He’s a lover,” Jaina said.


Valentino shows his new mom how grateful he is by snuggling with her every chance he gets.

“We’re busy and we have a lot of other kittens to take care of. So Valentino will be looking for a home. It’s going to have to be, obviously, the perfect home for him. Someone who is home a lot, who spends a lot of time with him, who can hold him most of the time. He’ll love being with someone who will give him 100% of their attention.”

Watch the rescue in the video below:

Source : the dodo

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