Blind Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement The Second She Senses Snow

Blind Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement The Second She Senses Snow.

When Mandy Leung brought home a 10-week-old husky called Mackenzie, she knew she had an unique dog. Mackenzie was already blind in her right eye owing to glaucoma when she woke up unable to see out of her left eye a month later.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, has never let her eyesight prevent her from experiencing life to the fullest.


“Learning to adjust at such an early age has made her a very confident child,” Leung said on Instagram. “She gets about just fine in unfamiliar locations and can play fetch just like any other dog!”

“Sometimes I forget she’s blind because she stares directly into my eyes when she looks at me,” Leung added.


Mackenzie enjoys taking long walks with her friends in the park, cuddling with her mom and playing in the park with her friends. “Mackenzie is pretty peaceful at home, but outside she’s really goofy and naughty,” Leung told The Dodo. “She’s the friendliest puppy I’ve ever met, and she’s never met anyone she doesn’t like.”

Snow, on the other hand, is the dog’s absolute favorite thing in the whole world.


Mackenzie has been looking forward to winter all year, and when it actually comes, she can hardly control her enthusiasm.

She may not be able to see the snow, but she has the cutest reaction when she feels snowflakes on her face and whiskers.

You may see it here:

“Snow is one of her favorite things, and she never wants to come inside if it’s snowing outside,” Leung explained.

Her big coat protects her from the cold, allowing her to play in the snow for hours if her mother allows it.


Mackenzie’s other senses, such as hearing, smell, and touch, become more acute as she loses her sight. And the one thing that seems to please them all is snow.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be winter all year?

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