Cat Greets Visitors At The Shelter And Hopes Someone Can Take Him Home

Cat Greets Visitors At The Shelter And Hopes Someone Can Take Him Home.

Mayhem is a sweet 2-year-old tabby cat looking for a new home at the animal welfare group Lollypop Farm in Fairport, New York (United States). The sweet cat welcomes visitors at the shelter with the hope that someone would adopt it.

He is a restless little boy who is always eager for activities; he always draws attention with his bright and cheery nature.

According to Lollypop Farm:

“Mayhem came at Lollypop Farm in early June when its owner abandoned it. H e was adopted, but he was returned to the shelter since his new home was inadequate.”


Mayhem wants to find a home, and for the time being, the shelter staff is attempting to provide him with a variety of toys and entertaining activities to keep him occupied.

The shelter also states:

“He has his own colony of giant kittens, complete with cat toys, cardboard boxes, climbing structures, and so on.”


Lollypop Farm has been added:

“Mayhem bangs on the glass door leading to his toy-filled realm when staff workers go through it, as if to beg, ‘Come in and play with me!’ And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.”

He is a very cunning and intelligent cat, and no one knows how to say no to him when he wants some play and attention; he adores people’s companionship.

According to Lollypop Farm:

“He has a lot of energy and requires a lot of stimulation to keep him entertained. It might not be the appropriate cat for everyone, but we know a cat lover who is seeking for a mischievous cat like him.”



The kitty appears to crave for a home, as evidenced by its demand for visitors’ attention. The shelter staff feels it can be acclimated to a family with dogs because it is fairly lively, and they want to find this cute cat the appropriate home.


For the time being, Mayhem continues to welcome guests through the glass.

According to the shelter’s staff:

“This lovely cat is certain to find a suitable home where he may enjoy playing with cat toys.”



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