Cat With huge Tumor Finally Gets Her Smile Back

Cat With huge Tumor Finally Gets Her Smile Back.

A very brave cat with a huge tumor on his face never gave up. The rescuers prevented him from being euthanized and helped him get his smile back.

Although Keta had a tumor the size of a tennis ball on his face, this beautiful cat fought to survive.

She was a stray cat who was taken to a sanctuary where she was waiting to be euthanized. But luckily, she was found just in time by Undesirable NYC Pets.

Volunteers moved quickly to raise funds to provide her with the surgery she so desperately needed.

Despite her beautiful appearance, Keta is an energetic cat with a big appetite.

It was clear that she would not give up the fight. The obvious solution was to perform surgery, although it was not without risk.

The volunteers were very concerned that once the tumor was removed, she would not be able to see or eat properly.

The surgeon, Dr. Tomas Ingernuso, took care to avoid possible problems and successfully removed the tumor.

Keta made an amazing recovery, beyond what anyone could have hoped for.

Her skin is tightening and her hunger is as strong as ever. And now she lives like any other kitten. She plays, she sleeps, and she eats.

Life was beginning to brighten for this remarkable cat. All she needs now to make her life complete is to be adopted directly into her forever home.

“Keta was adopted and also loves her life with her fabulous family,” Unwanted NYC Pets said on Facebook.

She has come such a long way! Check her out right now with her wonderful smile.

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