Cat With “Rough Boy Look” Proves To Be The Sweetest Teddy Bear

Mason, a beautiful cat, was transported from a remote shelter in North Carolina to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Virginia, United States. The cat was covered with wounds, had its ears lacerated, and had a variety of health issues that required immediate treatment.

Jen Boger, a Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation volunteer and cat intake coordinator who also runs the Pokey Pot Pie blog, was going through the shelter’s animal profiles when she came across a photo of an old, mistreated cat named Mason and felt she wanted to assist him straight immediately.

Jen stated:

“His two ears are deformed and tattered. He has massive scars on both sides of his face, a strong upper respiratory infection, and broken, rotten teeth. His fur is falling out in lumps and he has one of his legs swollen.”


Jen was adamant that if she didn’t intervene and assist the feline, Mason might never get the second chance she deserved. He was in terrible shape.

According to the volunteer:

“By looking at Mason’s photo and description, I realized he was the type of cat that would be overlooked by potential adopters and other rescue centers over and over again because he appeared so rough, tough, and sick.”


Mason leaned over to Jen’s hand as she approached to pat him. The kitten demonstrated from the start that he desired to survive and be loved. Jen brought him home to begin his recovery process in a warm and welcoming environment.

Jen remembers:

“He was oily, congested, underweight, and timid when he came. When he heard us approaching, he would hide and peep out until he felt sure he was safe. However, once he made that choice, he stucks to you like glue.”

Mason was a really lovely cat who was always searching for affection when he was healing. He yearned to be petted and to be near his humans. She’d come over as soon as Jen was on the couch to cuddle up next to her.

Jen states:

“Mason has discovered that pampering is the best, and he will accept all hugs (even belly rubs) as long as you are willing to deliver them. He may appear to be a rough, tough guy, but he’s actually a nice, soft teddy bear that only wants to be loved and patted.”


Mason’s two ears were severely injured, and he had serious facial scars. His fur was crusty, and he had a number of other health issues, including ringworm and an odd tumor on one of his legs; she also had fungus and a strange bulge on one of her legs.

Mason, fortunately, has overcome all of his problems and is becoming stronger by the day after a few weeks of visits to the veterinarian.


Before being rescued, the lovely cat had a tough start, but he now has a road full of love and care ahead of him.

Mason’s adoptive mother comments:

“He appears to be a rough guy, yet he’s one of the kindest cats I’ve ever encountered. There is no petty bone in his body. He’s just a child who has had to cope to survive in a difficult world.”


Mason’s fur has grown back and is now silky and lustrous. The kitten has grown in size and has gotten a bit naughty and inquisitive.

He is really pleased when he is near his owners and purrs energetically when he curls up next to them.


Jen concludes by saying:

“We’re pleased he’s here. We know we can get him in great shape so he can find a forever home.”

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