Cat with Sweetest Face and Gentle Heart Determined to Live Full Life After Being Found Abandoned

Cat With The Sweetest Face Is Happy To Be Recovering After Being Abandoned

A couple in California, United States, discovered an abandoned cat with the sweetest face in a neighborhood. When they fed him, they noticed that his nose was swollen, and he soon grew so terrible that he ulcerated, couldn’t breathe properly, and stopped eating.

They took him to the vet, who diagnosed him with cryptococcus, a fungal condition caused by breathing the fungus outside. He was transferred to a rescue facility for medical attention.

The couple realized they couldn’t give the necessary care for the kitten named Khy, so they called the rescue organization for assistance, where they were connected with Milo’s Sanctuary, which sent the cat to Los Angeles.


Milo’s Sanctuary’s president and founder, Michele Hoffman, said:

“When he arrived to Milo’s, he was very ill, underweight, and in terrible physical and mental condition. It was difficult to describe his true personality. He sat curled up since the entire left side of his face was ulcerated and inflamed.”

When he got to the refuge, they started treating him for the cryptococcus as well as the left side of his face. Khy bravely tolerated all of the therapy and was grateful to those who looked after him.

Khy began to recover and gain strength as a result of all the love and attention he got. As soon as he was healthy and ready for surgery, they debrideed him and treated the entire wound on his face.


The adorable cat continued to grow, and his sweet and playful personality began to emerge. He was more energetic and inquisitive, and he constantly tried to give everyone hugs and pampering.

Michele explains:

“He began to feel better after a visit to the vet, medicine, and a lot of love and devotion. We continuously reminding him how beautiful he is and how much we love and care for him.”


Khy is an extremely affectionate cat that enjoys snuggling with the other cats and their owners. He enjoys food and treats and is learning how to play with toys. He is currently on the mend, but the cat with the prettiest face will require lifetime care and medicine.

The sanctuary’s director assures:

“He has not yet been cured and still has a long way to go. We don’t know if his nose will grow back to the size of a cat, but that’s fine since we adore him just the way he is.”

The cute kitten has entered the Lifetime Care program at Milo’s Sanctuary (for cats with special needs), where he has made many resident feline friends; he is a very friendly guy who provides love and a lot of attention to everyone.

If Khy sees a kitten around, he rushes to his side, and if his caregiver calls him, he rushes over for affection and caresses; he also likes snuggling up next to his people.


Michelle continues:

“He’s really lovely and loving, and he enjoys kisses and belly massages. He’s still a little hesitant and guarded, but we have no doubt that he’ll be asking for treats and playing with the toys in no time.”


Khy requests hugs and kisses whenever he wants; she does not take no for an answer, and his humans are eager to provide him with what he needs. Khy has rediscovered his inner kitten and is becoming quite active as a result of having a home and a kind foster mother.

The cat is quite talented and can readily grab a toy with his extraordinary dexterity, he has become playful, and is very happy.


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