Check how these lovable little bunnies think this golden retriever is their dad

Check how these lovable little bunnies think this golden retriever is their dad

When it comes to baby bunnies the cuteness factor is limitless. Baby bunnies are the epitome of adorable and they never fail to provide you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. There’s something about their big eyes, little fluffy tails, and soft ears that just melts the heart. And there was one golden retriever named Bailey who happily succumbed to the cuteness overload that was four baby bunnies.

Captured in a heart-melting YouTube clip, the tiny bunnies flock to the slightly bamboozled but very affectionate pooch.

The little bunnies have clearly selected Bailey as their new protective figure and Bailey seems to be more than okay with this new development.

Both dogs and rabbits are highly social creatures who tend to live in groups, so it makes perfect sense that they would form a little family of their own. And Bailey clearly takes his dad duties very seriously as he is seen lovingly licking and caring for his mini bun buns.

To the owner’s surprise, the bunnies showed no fear towards Bailey and immediately accepted him as their father. Bailey also accepted all four of them, as he let them use his fur as a jungle gym.

It was clear that the bunnies felt secure and comfortable with Bailey’s gentle presence and paternal aura.

Baby bunnies are the epitome of cuteness but coupled with Bailey’s gentle touch it’s almost too much handle. There’s so much love going on that our hearts can barely take it.

Dog are social creatures by nature and well known or their tendency to make friends with both humans and other animals. In fact, given the right circumstances, a dog will befriend just about anything. So it makes perfect sense that Bailey took to the bunnies so quickly.

Animal friendship is among one of the purest things in the world. However, nothing beats the friendship between two different species.

Bailey loves his new adopted children and we’re sure he’s taking his new father responsibilities very seriously, giving his kids all of the snuggles they need.

If you want to see more of Bailey and his adventures with other animals, check out his YouTube channel. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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