Christmas present, Hairless, Scared And Bleeding From The Freezing Cold, They Cling To Each Other From Fear And Hunger

Christmas present, Hairless, Scared And Bleeding From The Freezing Cold, They Cling To Each Other From Fear And Hunger.

During the holidays, we all yearn to have a present that makes us happy . We get rid of setting goals to start the year that, many times, do not last until the first weeks of January.

“This year I’m going to the gym” or “I’m going to stop drinking” are the most tired and unfulfilled resolutions, bordering on the ridiculous.

For some people, this extra-enthusiastic but brief influx of encouragement also extends to their desire to have a pet yes or yes , regardless of whether they will actually be able to take care of that animal.

Having an animal at home is not a game , but for some it seems that it is. Once they have them, they realize that keeping them is a lot of work, so they simply abandon them to their fate.

This was precisely the reality encountered by the Stray Rescue of St. Louis pet shelter, located in the city of Saint Louis, United States. A truck driver called the volunteers and said he found a box with three small puppies on the side of the road.

According to the driver, despite the fact that he observed them from afar, since he had to continue on his way, the puppies were in a deplorable state, very weak and scared . The group of animal benefactors arrived at the site right away.

When the rescuers arrived on the scene, it took some time for them to confirm the information provided by the bus driver. However, unfortunately, they realized that it was indeed three newborn fur babies who were left there in very bad conditions , by someone who quickly tired of them.

“These babies are so miserable. They are scared and injured after being abandoned this morning. We will do everything we can to make sure they live a long and beautiful life,” said a spokesperson for Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Given the severity of the situation in which the animals were found, rescue personnel moved them quickly to the shelter. They were bottle-fed once they were safe.

After they regained some of their weight and energy , they received the corresponding medical treatment to heal their wounds, still open and infected , in some cases. This led the experts to believe that the puppies were suffering from other diseases. Fortunately, they have found joy and health once more.

“They were in very bad condition. We discovered that they had open wounds, some of which were infected. “This could indicate that they were suffering from other types of health problems,” the veterinarians added.

For their part, everyone in the shelter agreed that, due to the Christmas dates and the physical characteristics of the animals, the discovery was the product of someone who received the cute animals as a gift but, apparently, they did not like them too much. . They are now waiting for a true home where they will be loved as they deserve.

Share this story with your loved ones. Perhaps we should think twice before giving each other a living being. Pets are not playthings!

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