Cops Build A ‘Cat Condo’ For Homeless Cat Who Keeps Visiting Police Department

Cops build “cat apartment” for homeless cat who keeps visiting police department.

This cute kitty has one of the coolest names ever: his name is SWAT Cat and he’s as tough as they come.

This tortoiseshell cat got her name after winning the hearts of the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team.

While living as a stray in Boston, the cat started visiting the police station regularly and after a while, he charmed everyone to the point of being considered the mascot of the police department.

The officers wanted to treat their feline friend fairly and offered SWAT Cat a bed and a bowl inside the police station in exchange for his life on the streets.

But SWAT Cat made it clear that she wasn’t interested in turning her back on her life on the outside.

Boston Police Department

SWAT Cat enjoyed the freedom of living outside, and while she also enjoyed the companionship and security that the police offered, she was not ready to give up her life as an independent woman.

She craved fresh air and adventure and simply could not consider becoming an indoor cat.

Boston Police Department

The officers accepted this but still wanted to do something to help the SWAT Cat.

After all, they couldn’t let one of their own remain homeless.

Boston Police Department

And so, one of the officers had a brilliant idea.

Officer Jamie Pietroski began building a “cat apartment” for the SWAT cat to live in.

Pietroski spent several hours, spread over several days, but when the structure was finished, it was clear that all the hard work was worth it.

Boston Police Department

The beautiful home featured sliding glass doors and a spacious porch, and had an open floor plan and a stylish studio.

SWAT Cat loved her new home and moved in immediately.

She now had her own home where she could retreat whenever she wanted, but was still free to walk around the neighborhood whenever she felt like it.

Boston Police Department


Seeing SWAT Cat so happy was a joy for everyone in the department, and it is comforting to know that SWAT Cat is loved by so many people.

This little cat can always count on the SWAT team to have his back, and should never feel lost or alone.

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