Couple Watches How Neighbors Neglect Their Golden Retriever Until They Can’t Look At It Anymore

Couple Watches How Neighbors Neglect Their Golden Retriever Until They Can’t Look At It Anymore.

Imagine that you see your neighbor mistreating his dog and every day you want to do something to help him. While this couple struggled with worry for years, the poor golden retriever next door was left outside for hours on end, neglected and gagged with duct tape. Until one day they couldn’t take it anymore and organized a rescue, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The old golden retriever spent hours alone and scared in his concrete yard. They named him Alfie later. He was clearly depressed by the lack of human companionship and abuse. The couple, who had a golden retriever of their own, were devastated to see the poor dog suffering so much. The dog seemed to trust no one. At his age, he would never have coped in an animal shelter. The rest of this poor puppy’s life cannot be like this. It can’t.

After several failed attempts to get the police on their side, they took matters into their own hands. They jumped over the fence, unchained the dog and took him home. With great patience, love and affection, Alfie began to realize that he was in a safe and loving home. He soon became the carefree and happy dog he was meant to be.

New toys, adventures and holidays helped Alfie to love and trust his new family. As a result, his old life as an abused and neglected pet became a distant memory.

I am very grateful to people like them. They opened their hearts to love a new pet, even when it seemed like an impossible task. And even if it’s just one dog among many dogs in need of such a rescue, every rescue makes a difference.

Source : forever-love-animals

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