Devoted Grandpa Builds A Cart To Take His Sick Senior Dog On A Walk Every Day

Devoted Grandpa Builds A Cart To Take His Sick Senior Dog On A Walk Every Day.

Tonino Vitale lives in Italy, and he loves his Labrador puppy Dylan to the moon and back.

At 13 years old, Dylan has led a long life. And unfortunately, the years have left their mark on his body.


When Vitale noticed that Dylan was becoming less energetic, he took his beloved pup to the vet.

There, Dylan was diagnosed with arthritis.

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and is unfortunately quite common in older dogs.

Arthritis causes pain and discomfort in one or more joints and often results in joint stiffness and difficulty moving.


For Vitale, Dylan’s diagnosis was a stark reminder that the sweet pup would not live forever.

Vitale decided to start taking Dylan on a special walk each day to make his remaining time on earth as happy as possible.

Because of his arthritis, it was becoming too painful and exhausting for Dylan to go on a long walk by himself, but Vitale had a plan.


Vitale built a wagon for Dylan to lie on, then rolled Dylan and the wagon around and let the pup enjoy the fresh air and exciting scenery.

Soon after he began taking Dylan on his daily “walk,” Vitale noticed that the older pup seemed more alert and happy.

Vitale’s love and dedication to her puppy did not go unnoticed, and one of her neighbors managed to film the couple one day.

The video has since gone viral, and we’re sure it will inspire others to go the extra mile for their senior pups.


You can watch the heart-warming clip here :

Source : justsomething

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