Dog Barks For Help Inside Hot Car While Owners Are At The Beach, And Officers Break Window To Save Him

A dog barks for help in a hot car while its owners are at the beach, and officers break the window to save it.

For many of us, summer means fresh air, sunshine, happiness and relaxation.

And summer should be a time of happiness not only for us, but for our pets as well.

But for many poor puppies, summer means fear and even death, as they are left alone in dangerously hot cars by their irresponsible owners.

Every year, dogs die needlessly after being left in hot cars by careless owners. This is completely preventable and completely tragic, and it is unbelievable that people continue to risk their pets’ lives in this way.

In Clearwater, Florida, police had to rescue an overheated dog that was seen screaming for help in a closed car.

Clearwater Police Department

Police were called to the scene after Holiday Inn & Suites staff heard the poor puppy barking for his life.

They contacted police who rushed to the scene and found the dog locked in a dangerously hot car.

Clearwater Police Department

The police quickly broke the window of the car and took the poor puppy out.

They gave him water to drink to rehydrate him and helped him cool off by patting him with cool water.

Clearwater Police Department

Animal control arrived about 15 minutes after the puppy was rescued, and when they measured the temperature of the car, it was 94.6 degrees, even though the car was left open.

Clearwater Police Department

While the puppy was locked in the car, the windows were rolled up and all the doors were closed, and police are convinced that the temperature must have been at least 100 degrees at the time.

The puppy’s owners reportedly went to the beach after leaving the dog in the car. It seems they thought their day in the sun was more important than their poor puppy’s life.

There is no doubt that the police saved the life of this poor puppy.

Overheating is incredibly dangerous and kills many dogs every year.

Leaving a dog locked in a hot car is animal abuse and is absolutely despicable.

In a Facebook post, police said the case had been “forwarded to the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office for prosecution.”

It looks like the negligent owners will be punished and this adorable little puppy will never have to go through something so terrible again.

Online, people have expressed their gratitude to the police officers, their love and compassion for the puppy, and their contempt for the negligent owners.

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