Dog Braved It Through A Burning House To Save His Kitten Best Friend

Dog Braved It Through A Burning House To Save His Kitten Best Friend.

This is such a wonderful story of bravery, love and friendship!

A few years back a defense industry company in Ukraine experienced a massive explosion, causing a huge fire to break out in and around the building. Bright hot flames and thick clouds of smoke were rapidly rising into the sky and spreading northeast of Donetsk City.

The explosion was so massive that the ground shook miles away and even engulfed a few homes in close proximity to the blast. Residents in the blast zone rushed out of their homes, taking valuables and releasing any pets that may have been outside.

When one home owner unleashed his dog from the front yard, something unexpected happened.

Instead of fleeing the burning house, the dog took a sharp turn and returned inside. The owner was stunned and helpless, unable to return to the house to save his pet as the fire grew bigger and bigger.

As the man watched his home burning, he called for his dog to return with little hope that he would, due to the large flames. After a few moments, the man noticed a familiar silhouette emerge from the burning home.

It was his dog, and he had a kitten in his mouth. When the family first exited the burning home, they were unable to grab the tiny kitten.

The kitten and the dog were best friends. They spend their days playing together, always hanging out with one another. So when the fire broke, the dog’s first instinct was to save his best friend rather than himself.

A true hero canine!

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