Dog Can’t Believe His Dad Finally Found Him After 200 Days Apart

The dog can’t believe that he has found his master after 200 long days.

Blue, a stray dog, was found wandering the streets of Washington County in early April, and the Washington County Animal Shelter received a call. The pit bull was brought to the shelter by an animal control officer.

Blue, a homeless dog, seemed to have a soft spot for everyone he met, no matter how long he had been living on the streets.

The puppy shelter’s executive director, Tammy Davis, told The Dodo that she has never seen a happier dog. A bit reserved at first, he was wary of other dogs, but over time his love for people and staff grew stronger.

Public visitation was not allowed in the shelter due to COVID-19, so only appointments were allowed. Blue languished in his kennel for months, which turned out to be a gift in disguise.

The shelter used a video of Blue playing with his favorite toy to contact potential adopters on Facebook. Moments later, a comment on the video read, “That’s my dog.”

Blue had disappeared from his Tennessee home six months earlier. His father searched frantically for him, but was eventually forced to travel to Texas for work. He feared he would never see his dog again until a friend showed him a video of Blue on Facebook.

In order to verify that the man claiming to be Blue’s owner was telling the truth, Mr. Davis had to show that the dog was actually playing with Blue’s favorite toy in the shelter: A squeaky blue ball. During our conversation, he admitted that yes, he had pictures of his dog. The blue ball he played with as a child was his favorite toy, and he gave us pictures of Blue playing with it at his house. He said, “It was crazy.”

After traveling 1,200 miles to pick up his son, Blue’s father was thrilled to see him again.

Dogs are known to form strong bonds with their human companions, Davis said. “When Blue first saw the scene, he thought, ‘Am I seeing this correctly?’ As soon as they embraced, the man burst into tears; it was wonderful.”

This joyful reunion can be viewed at:

A new life in Texas awaits them both, now that Blue has rejoined her father, and they make the most of their time together.

A happy ending like this would be ideal for all the animals, Davis said. Moments like this make all our hard work worthwhile.

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