Dog Forms The Sweetest Friendship With Man Experiencing Homelessness

Dog Forms The Sweetest Friendship With Man Experiencing Homelessness.

Every day, this fluffy, happy little dog brightens the lives of his loving parents. But Sora’s huge heart and caring personality aren’t just for him.

One day, while walking near their home in Paris, Sora found a new companion: a homeless man named Bruno. This unexpected encounter changed Colzouti’s heart and, consequently, Bruno’s circumstances.


“Sora stopped in front of a young man who was sitting in front of her tent,” Colzouti writes. “When their eyes met, Sora jumped forward to see him. I stopped Sora reflexively, overwhelmed by preconceived notions. I recognize [the man] and decide to leave, but Sora does not move. He glances at Bruno. I phone him back, but he doesn’t move. When I decided to attach his leash and push him off, Sora looked at me with the look that only a dog can give. Bruno gave a big smile.”

Mr. Colzouti was moved by his dog’s kindness to a man in need. It helped him build a bridge of empathy in his own heart.


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“At that moment, I recognized two things: my dog and a stranger both had a lot to teach me about loving your neighbor.” “Colzouti wrote. “And that I would go all the way to give back to this stranger who taught me this crucial lesson.”

These encounters became a daily practice after that.

In addition to Sora’s regular doses of love, Colzouti provided her with food and clothing, as well as help to get her life back on track.

And their efforts paid off.

Bruno’s situation only improved after these films were made public.

“Bruno’s life has been transformed. He is no longer living on the street. ” According to Colzouti, “This story helped him get off the street. ”


It all started with Sora’s big heart.


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Color and Sora no longer see Bruno on their daily walks, but they have not lost contact. They now have a play date once a week.

The affection of a dog can change your life. And that was the case in this situation.

“Their bond is heartwarming, poignant, and truly genuine,” Colzouti added. “Sora has a deep affection for humans. And he shows it every chance we give him.”

Soure image: @colzouti

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