Dog that was deformed by a cruel cable muzzle now has a home – and look how happy he is

Dog that was deformed by a cruel cable muzzle now has a home – and look how happy he is.

Earlier this year, a two-year-old pointing dog was found on the streets of Tijuana by a rescuer. The poor dog, who has since been named Dwayne, was desperately searching for food while locals threw hot water and rocks at him in disgust at his deformities.
The rescuer then discovered the dog’s original janitor, who had tied his mouth with a wire muzzle and regularly poked him with a stick.

The individual was serving a prison sentence for an unrelated crime. Dwayne was left to fend for himself on the street. To make matters worse, he was further injured when he was attacked by 2 large canines, causing severe head injuries and nearly tearing off his ears.

Thanks to his rescuer, the puppy luckily made it to the Helen Woodward Animal Center, an animal sanctuary in Rancho Santa Fe, California, which passionately believes that “animals help people and people help animals with trust, unconditional love and consideration, creating a legacy of caring.”
From horrible abuse to caring hands


Despite all the horrible treatment the dog had endured, he had nothing but love to offer to every person he met. He would certainly bow his head to offer a lick and gently push his body against anyone who approached.


The Helen Woodward Center was identified to give Dwayne the life he deserved. For months, specialists repaired his severely deformed front leg and elbow and performed facial repair surgery to fix the extreme mutilation of his nose and mouth.

A renowned stem cell treatment institute, Vet-Stem Biopharma, also stepped in to provide state-of-the-art treatment to help Dwayne’s healing process.


This technology takes cells from an injured animal and intravenously delivers the animal’s healing stems to the site of injury and throughout the body. The treatment typically costs about $2,500, but Dr. Schaffer of Vet-Stem Biopharma was so touched by Dwayne’s story that he offered the procedure free of charge.

Determined to use every modern medication available to help him recover from his injuries, the Helen Woodward Center also provided laser therapy for the areas affected by the facial reconstruction surgeries.

The laser treatments were found to speed up the healing process, reduce inflammation and ease the pain. The sweet puppy is like a soldier through it all.


Dwayne’s story touched the hearts of thousands of animal fans who helped raise over $40,000 for his recovery. By August 2017, the formerly abused and orphaned canine darling was ready to find him forever home.

Generously, the center offered half of all of Dwayne’s clinical costs for life, as long as his brand new family brings him to the facility for his ongoing treatment.


After numerous requests to find a permanent home for Dwayne, the center finally found the best solution with Kelly Nelle. Now Dwayne is forgetting his terrible past and learning to be a dog again.

Dwayne has access to the couch, lots of toys to play with and, of course, the adoration of his human mother. We are thrilled to see Dwayne overcome obstacles with his motivating change.

Once starving and unable to stand, he refused to give up. Now he’s happy forever. Tears of joy!


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