Dog Was Found With A Rope Embedded In His Neck Trying To Survive

The dog, who was seen walking the streets of Curaçao, alarmed many people not only because of his sad-looking face but also because a rope was lodged in his neck, inflicting significant wounds.

This helpless animal was suffering from acute mange, high temperatures, and chronic neck ache in addition to the torment of being abandoned. In addition, its skin was clearly injured.

He needed some food and drink, and several villagers chose to provide it for him without being able to do much more since he was so terrified that he would not allow anybody to approach him.


Animal Rescue Channel

In order to get assistance for the small animal, they chose to get in touch with the neighborhood group Rescue Paws Curaçao. Fortunately, they were able to capture it.
According to Violeta Draseikait

We were aware that we needed to move quickly since he was frail, timid, and unable to stay put.

Animal Rescue Channel

The people who were meant to be taking care of him severely neglected him, causing him serious injuries for days or even weeks as a result of the rope around his neck.

Many dogs in Curaçao continue to be chained or tied with ropes without a collar, either because their owners are oblivious to the potential harm they may inflict or out of laziness.

Animal Rescue Channel

The dog was relieved when the rope was taken off, and after receiving medical attention for a few days, he started to act differently.

Now that he has a new life, Boef, as he was formerly known, likes playing with other dogs and connecting with them. His wounds have healed astonishingly well, and he is incredibly kind to everyone.

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