Dog Who Fell Off Shrimp Boat Found Alive Days Later After Swimming Six Miles To Shore

When a dog named Monster fell off a shrimp boat, his owner thought he was gone for good. But a few days later, an unexpected miracle occurred: the resilient dog swam home to shore.

Keith “Kiwi” Soffes, a shrimp boat captain from San Leon, Texas, loves his dog Monster, who never leaves his side and accompanies him on his daily trips out on the water.

But a recent outing turned into a heartbreaker after Monster fell overboard. While the dog was no stranger to the water, as she had accompanied Keith on the boat since she was a puppy, and it was a calm day, the dog suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Keith looked everywhere for her, hoping she would return, but he soon feared the worst. “I lost the only thing in the world that I truly loved,” Keith wrote. “I am heartbroken.”

Keith shared the story on social media, continuing to hope that Monster would reappear somewhere. He received a lot of support and prayers from people online.

But five days after Monster disappeared, he received good news: Monster was alive and well… after having quite an adventure at sea.

According to FOX 26 Houston

Monster was found a few days later after reaching shore. Keith was stunned after hearing his story.

Monster survived by swimming five to ten miles to shore across Galveston Bay.

“I was like ‘man, she couldn’t have made that swim,'” he told FOX 26. “There’s no way that dog could have swum that long.”

After many emotional days apart, Keith and Monster were thrilled to be reunited.

“I was crying so hard I couldn’t even speak,” Keith said. “She was giving me so many kisses.”

Wow, what a miracle. We are so glad that Monster made it to shore safely and was reunited with her very worried owner. It is clear that these two love each other very much and are thrilled to be reunited.

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