Dog Who Was Stabbed In The Head While Trying To Protect His Owner From An Armed Robber, Miraculously Survives

Heroic dog stabbed in the head while trying to save his owner from a thief.

A hero dog lies on the operating table with a knife stuck deep into his skull after coming to his master’s rescue when an armed robber emerged from the shadows.

The owner, Gino Wensel, 40, was exercising his faithful German shepherd named Duke, when suddenly a man approached him with a knife in his hand.

Duke didn’t hesitate to show his fangs and growl at the intruder who, instead of robbing Gino, plunged a steak knife straight into Duke’s skull.

After scaring off his attacker, the fearless dog collapsed in a heap, blood pouring from his head.

Gino, his owner, thought he was dead, but saw that his dog was still barely breathing and called a friend who drove them to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWSSA).

This cowardly attack took place in the Mitchell Plains area, just outside Cape Town.


AWSSA spokesman Allan Perrins said, “Duke suffered a very severe blow that I have no doubt was intended to kill him and he was in critical and near death condition.

He was in critical and near death condition. He was losing consciousness and was immediately sedated and put on pain medication while we did an x-ray because we were concerned that the blade was in Duke’s brain.

However, the x-ray showed that the blade had entered by six inches, but had bent at the entrance away from the brain, missing it by a few millimeters and heading toward the right eye socket.

A little harder and Duke would have died, but our veterinarian, Dr. Zheneta Stoynova, operated immediately and safely extracted the blade and stitched up the deep wound.

Duke made an incredible recovery and was thrilled to be reunited with his owner.

Gino said, “I have no doubt that this man was trying to kill my dog. There are some very bad men and gangsters around here. I will never know if he was trying to rob me or attack me.

What I do know is that Duke was never going to allow anyone to hurt me.

I thought he was dead. It was only the knife moving in his head that showed me he was just alive.

This man probably wanted to rob me, but my dog almost lost his life protecting me,” he added.

Mr. Perrins said, “We depend entirely on donations from generous members of the public to help and save animals for poorer people who don’t have the money to pay for help.

Gino is unemployed and has little money, so we did not charge.

He came today with Duke’s lunchbox, which had his name on it, and you can tell the dog is being treated very well.

He may have very little money, but what he makes, he spends on Duke. Their bond is so special and to be able to save Duke and return him to Gino was just wonderful,” he said.

Image source: dailymail  /  H/T: metro

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