Dog With Shoelace Embedded In His Neck Walked Streets For A Year Before Help Arrived

Dog With Shoelace Embedded In His Neck Walked Streets For A Year Before Help Arrived.


A dog, now named Gus, was seen wandering the streets of Houston in terrible condition. For an entire year, this poor abused dog had shoe laces tied tightly around his neck, causing his face to swell. The shoelace was embedded in his skin and had even damaged his windpipe.

On top of that, he was dirty and hungry. X-rays revealed that Gus had been shot at least 25 times with a pellet gun and that some of the bullets were still lodged in his body.

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This dog had been through the worst of the worst, and it was finally time for him to get help. A woman named Laura Jean, who spotted Gus on the street, quickly took pictures of the neglected dog and posted them on Facebook, desperate for help.

Laura Jean was nervous about approaching Gus, as she feared he would get into traffic. She was disappointed by all the cars that could have stopped to help her, but did not.

Animal rescue, dog rescue

Fortunately, Houston’s K-911 rescue service saw Jean’s call for help and quickly arrived at the scene to search for Gus. That’s when they spotted him among the abandoned buildings, hiding. The closer they got to him, the more they noticed the state he was in.

Animal rescue, dog rescue

They immediately took him to a veterinarian for medical attention and then to a soft tissue specialist who surgically removed the scarred tissue. After the surgery, his swollen head finally returned to normal size.

From there, he went to live with his new foster mom, Marina Harrison, who works at the veterinary hospital where Gus had surgery. She is taking great care of Gus, who will continue to receive laser treatments during his recovery.

Animal rescue, dog rescue

Laura Jean even visited Gus and posted a video, which shows how adorable and loving Gus is. As soon as he is fully recovered, he will be offered for adoption.

Watch video below :

Image source : we love animals

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