Dramatic rescue as 30 stranded dolphins saved by sunbathers in Brazil

Desperately pulling them by the tail, here is the dramatic moment when bathers jumped into the sea to save about 30 dolphins from certain death.

The rescuers were sunbathing on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when the dolphins appeared out of nowhere and suddenly stranded en masse.

Stunned at first, the sunbathers quickly realized the impending danger and rushed into the waves as the mammals screamed in distress.

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A Race for Life: Swimmers frantically drag a pod of about 30 dolphins to deeper water after they become dangerously stranded on a Brazilian beach.

Minutes from death: Marine mammals suddenly stranded en masse Monday after being pulled ashore by strong currents.

Group effort: Dozens of people rushed into the water as the dolphins screamed in distress.

As this video shows, they make frantic efforts to grab the animals by the tail to pull them into deeper water.

And it seems that their attempts were successful as all the dolphins were rescued to the enthusiastic cheers of the onlookers.

The footage, filmed Monday by a German tourist, has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

The dolphins were apparently caught in a strong current that prevented them from swimming to safety.

Shock: The rescuers were sunning themselves on the beach when the dolphins appeared out of nowhere.

A helping hand: A man takes off his bathing suit to help out. The beachgoers were shocked by the sudden mass arrival on the shore.

Success: All the dolphins seem to have survived after being dragged into the ocean, where they were able to swim.

One viewer, edpati1, said, “Great job! Congratulations to everyone involved! I wish I could have been there too.

Rombilly1 added, “The best of humanity. Everyone involved in the rescue should be very proud of themselves.

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