Farm animals join forces to teach three-legged deer to run

Farm animals join forces to teach three-legged deer to run

Rudie has been through so much, but he has remained the sweetest deer.

If you live in the country, you probably see deer often. They are always running around, chewing grass, and sneaking into the forest. Most of the time, it’s best to watch deer from a distance, just like any other wild animal.

But in some special cases, a deer may need help to survive.


That’s what happened to a very special deer in a story that took place in Australia. This little guy’s name is Rudie, and he was brought to a veterinary clinic when he was just two days old.

Although he was normal and healthy, he was missing one of his front legs.

Animal rescue

It took Rudie a little while to learn to walk properly with such a different sense of balance, but he persevered.

Visitors to the clinic saw Rudie’s efforts and were moved.

It wasn’t long before a loving family adopted Rudie as their “therapy deer” – and the rest is history!


Today, Rudie lives happily in a family in the country with many other animal friends.

Other animals on the property include two dogs and a cat, all of whom get along very well with Rudie.

To showcase all of their adventures, the family even created a special Instagram account, @rudiethereindeer, for people around the world to see Rudie’s journey and recovery! Anyone who sees the account is sure to fall in love.

Not only is Rudie adorable, but her positivity and courage are also inspiring.


While this story is most relevant during the holiday season, Rudie’s story applies all year round.

We face many trials in life, some of which may seem insurmountable. For a deer, the loss of a leg is usually a fatal injury. Fortunately, with a little help and a lot of his own courage, Rudie was cared for by good Samaritans and quickly recovered. After that, he was taken in once again by a loving family.

It is because of the hardships Rudie went through that he inspires so many people and has become so famous on the internet!


Rudie is now 6 years old and still going strong.

The little deer has a lot of fun with his family, and they do a lot of fun things together. Rudie also enjoys spending time with all the other animals on the farm, like the cows, horses and dogs. He is as friendly as can be.

“With what he’s been through, you’d think he’d be very shy, but it’s just the opposite!” said Miranda, Rudie’s mom, to The DodoThe Dodo.

Rudie is a sweet deer who loves his family so much. We are so happy that Rudie was rescued and was able to live such a wonderful life.

Check out the video about Rudie below!
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