How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day

Being an owner of a dog you sometimes wonder who much exercise your dog needs in one day. Well, the answer to this question is not the same for every dog. It depends on the size, age, health, and breed of your dog. Here are some tips and guidelines so you won’t get confused about the daily exercise of your dog.

Guideline for Daily Exercise of a Puppy

If you have a puppy then you must have noticed that your puppy sometimes in a day gets a case of zoomies. Zoomies mean that your puppy starts running around the house and jumping everywhere even on your lap!

As puppies are younger than adult dogs so they need more exercise but the exercise should be of a small session but several times a day. As puppies are in a constant growing position so they need to have an exercise like a small walk or a play session. Longer walks or a long exercise would be bad for the pup’s health. But this is also true that every puppy is different and their body function differently so when you will understand more time with your puppy you will more understand their nature and the exercise need.

You should also concern your vet and the breeder about the health and exercise need of your puppy. You can also have good communication and can also train your puppy as exercise.

Guideline for Daily Exercise of an Adult Dog

As told earlier that your dog’s breed decides how much exercise your dog needs. Dogs that are high-energy breed have to do a lot of exercise like Border Collies. On the other hand, dogs that are of a low-energy breed like Basset Hound need less exercise as compared to the high-energy breed dogs.

If you are not willing to have an active lifestyle that you should be very concerned about choosing your pup. If you chose the high-energy dog breed then you have to take him out for a long walk and should have long play sessions with him. If you live alone and want a pup for your company then a low-energy dog breed is perfect for you and your dog will be ready for a cuddle anytime!

Now here’s another thing, if you have a high-energy dog breed then it doesn’t mean to keep him active all the time. Remember that your dog’s health is also very important so you should concern your vet regularly and if your dog has any kind of issue or a heart condition then your vet will guide you in detail. After the guidance of your vet, you will know that when and how to keep your dog healthy without making him uncomfortable or causing any trouble for him.

Guidance for Daily Exercise of a Senior Dog

The dog who is now a senior dog once used to rush all around the house some years back is now not that active. Of course, it’s normal like, humans lose their speed while growing old, so does your dog. Your senior dog who walks slowly now and doesn’t have that energy also needs exercise just like a puppy does.

Ideas for Your Dog’s Exercise

If you want to have some fun with your pup and they will also do some exercise through that, then here are some outdoor exercise ideas for you and your pup.

  • As dogs love to explore new things then why don’t you take them hiking? And if it’s not possible then take them to a new place or a park so they could have a different atmosphere and can explore more!
  • Dogs love to play with water! You can take your dog swimming especially when your dog has joints issues. Swimming will let your dog have a good cardio session. You can also leave your dog wearing a life jacket so it could spend more time in the water.
  • If you are looking for an easy way then you can take your dog for a ride. There must be a lot of areas in your city which have cycling paths. You can cycle and let your dog give you company by walking with you.

Indoor Ideas

  • If you can’t go outside but exercise is important for your dog then you can play with them by letting them run up and down on stairs 3 to 4 times. Be careful if your dog has short legs and a long back then stairs could be difficult for them.
  • You can play hide and seek with your pup. This will make their mental health good or maybe a chasing game also works.
  • Sometimes you get busy with your work and forgot to take your dog. Well, you can let your dog run or have a walk on the treadmill.
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