In a junkyard, a cat manages to keep 6 kittens alive before help arrives

In a junkyard, a cat manages to keep 6 kittens alive before help arrives.

Last month, Brisbane-based animal welfare organization Best Friends Felines (BFF) received a report that a cat and six kittens had been found in a makeshift shelter.

“We’re not sure how long she was there,” says Nikki of BFF, “but underneath her fur was a malnourished body.” The cat’s family was taken to the vet for an examination.

By: Best Friends Felines

Aurora, the mother cat, was starving and trying to feed six hungry mouths without any food source. She spent all her time in a changing house with her kittens, feeding them and making sure they were all alive.

By: Best Friends Felines

Aurora arrived at the rescuers very weak and exhausted. “With her frightening thinness, she couldn’t walk normally on her hind legs. We wanted to fully check on her and the babies.”

Having been given a full bowl of food, the cat was filled with gratitude and ate everything as if for the last time. After much hardship, she could finally close her eyes, knowing her family was safe.

By: Best Friends Felines

With a healthy diet and relaxation in a warm, comfortable nest, Aurora regained her paw strength. She gradually gained enough strength to be able to stand on all fours and walk again over the next few days.

She happily comes in for attention and love when the nanny enters the room to help the cat.

By: Best Friends Felines

Aurora is happy to have a roof over her head and an endless source of food. She is a miracle mother to her six cubs, constantly making sure their bellies are full and their coats are clean.

The kittens (five gray and one gray-white) opened their eyes in the comfort of a safe home. As they grew, they began to crawl and stand on their feet.

By: Best Friends Felines

“Aurora is completely comfortable in a domestic human setting; she loves attention and is constantly looking for her nanny to snuggle with.” “Her coat is already silkier, so she’s benefiting from the wonderful food she’s getting,” Nikki adds.

By: Best Friends Felines

The kittens are already learning to walk and perfecting their gait under the watchful eye of a caring mother.

“Everyone has already gotten up and started walking around, admiring the scenery. They’ve started playing with each other, and that’s the most delightful sight.”

By: Best Friends Felines

Aurora now takes a break from motherhood more often and spends more time alone with people.

A wonderful cat who survived on the street with six kittens now enjoys human attention, well deserved.

 By: Best Friends Felines

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