Kitten Asks Man to Be Her Family After He Saved Her from Being Run Over by Traffic

Kitten Asks Man to Be Her Family After He Saved Her from Being Run Over by Traffic.

A motorcyclist rescued a tiny abandoned kitten that was being run over on a busy street. The kitten clung to him, asking him to be his friend forever.

He didn’t stand a chance!

Desmond Shephard/YouTube

Two bikers spotted a small homeless kitten trying to cross a busy street. They immediately slowed down and one of them picked up the kitten to prevent it from being run over, but he couldn’t pick it up. Desmond Shephard approached the man with the kitten and offered to help.

“Cats are my weakness, I can’t leave him here,” said Mr. Shephard.

They decided to put the little kitten in Desmond Shephard’s helmet, strapped to the back of his motorcycle, because it was the safest way to transport him.

Shephard knew he had to help his little furry friend and get him to safety.

As he rode home with the little furry passenger, he stopped several times along the way to make sure the kitten was okay.

Shephard originally planned to find someone to take the kitten, but changed his mind because he couldn’t bear the thought of the kitten being in the wrong hands.

Desmond Shephard/YouTube

The kitten felt the love and became attached to Shephard. He climbed into her lap and asked for love and more love. “She happens to be a very sweet kitten. She follows me everywhere and always wants to be with me,” Shephard said.

Desmond Shephard/YouTube

The kind-hearted man fed her with a syringe, and she finished it like a champ.

After her first visit to the vet, he began treating her respiratory infection every day, several times a day.

Desmond Shephard/YouTube

When the kitten cried for his attention and fell asleep in his lap the first night, Shephard knew the little calico had decided where she wanted to be, and the rest is history.

Watch the full rescue in this heart warming video:


Two weeks after the rescue!

The kitten has been nursed back to health, and is as playful as she can be.

Desmond Shephard/YouTube

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