Man Saves His Money Up For 10 Years To Buy An Ambulance For Helping Sick Stray Dogs

Man Saves His Money Up For 10 Years To Buy An Ambulance For Helping Sick Stray Dogs.

A man in Palu, India, saved his money for more than 10 years to buy a van to help homeless and stray cats and dogs in his city. Balu, the man, who uses the van as an animal ambulance, offers his services to NGOs, animal rescuers, and pet owners to help transport cats and dogs that need to be taken to animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, and he even takes them home if he can’t find a place.

He said he keeps six stray dogs with broken legs and feet in his home if he can’t find room in the shelters. He also added that he wasn’t sure how things would turn out when he first started because he was kind of afraid of the dogs.

Balu has learned how to give animals medicine and even dress their wounds, so much so that animal agencies and veterinarians trust him with many animals. One of the rescuers who works with Balu says that his ability to touch and catch stray dogs allows him to do a good job.

He takes 15 cents from NGOs and animal owners for every kilometer he drives the animals to the vets to support himself and his wife. In fact, many people like what he does, but there are also many who don’t like his work because he rescues homeless dogs that they consider pests. But he insists on doing his job and saving as many animals as he can. Watch the video below.

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