Monster Shoots Dog Point-blank, Smacks Her With A Hammer To “finish Her Off”

Monster Shoots Dog Point-blank, Smacks Her With A Hammer To “finish Her Off”

A 6-month-old Terrier Mix Named Bubbles Was Left Stranded During A Houston Neighborhood During Hurricane Harvey. The poor dog managed to survive the catastrophic flooding, but unfortunately, something terrible was about to happen to her.

A twisted thug shot Bubbles in the right eye at close range, then tried to finish her off by viciously hitting her with a hammer. Bubbles miraculously survived even this horrible abuse that happened to her. By the time she was taken to BARC in Houston, her wounds had begun to heal, with the bullet still inside her.

Bubbles required emergency surgery immediately. However, after the surgery, the shelter took her to Houston Pets Alive (HPA) for further care.

The HPA team found that Bubbles’ injuries prevented her from eating, hearing and seeing, so they appealed to the general public to fund their emergency operations. Staff were touched by the generosity of the residents as they worked to rebuild their lives after the devastating hurricane.

During Bubbles’ high-risk surgery, the vet removed the bullet that was still lodged behind his ear. Later, parts of his jaw and right ear meatus also had to be removed due to the severity of the wound.

In the end, all went well for little Bubble. Fortunately, all her surgeries were successful. During her recovery, the puppy found a foster home with Kilyn and Fransisco. The sweet dog was always trying to cover her disfigured face in her parents’ arms. The couple fell in love with Bubles’ incredible spirit and kindness and decided to adopt her!

Bubble had a long way to go, she had to have a few more operations on her mouth and eyes to be able to measure with more ease. But after all she went through, she always remained cheerful and loving.

Today, Bubbles has become an ambassador for abused and oppressed dogs.

With her natural sense of empathy, the one-eyed dog has a bright future as a therapy dog.

Her haunting past could be written all over her face.

But she can certainly be a symbol of hope and positivity in dark times!

Watch Bubble’s incredible story in the video below :

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