Mother Dog Got Poisoned, But Spend Last Energy Lifting Her Head Beg To Save Her Puppies

A mother dog was poisoned, but spent her last energy raising her head to save her puppies.

“When we discovered Luna, my heart was torn apart…”

While she had given birth to her litter of six puppies and was trying to find food, someone poisoned her by placing poisoned food under a car. The unfortunate female was trapped and consumed the poisoned food.

A small child discovered Luna in a terrible situation. After waiting for the elderly man who had left the food to leave, he phoned the dog shelter in Prishtina.

As soon as they got there, Luna started to breathe excessively but still raised her head in a desperate plea to save her pups. Her life was saved by an emergency injection from the volunteer vet.

She was placed in the Prishtina dog shelter, where she was reunited with her puppies.

He was quite frail and needed rest, but she was fine. The next day, Luna was finally ready to receive her first vaccines, which are essential for her health and that of her future child. Although she was a little nervous, Luna behaved well despite her fear.

Luna’s puppies are still too small and not mature enough to be adopted, but the morning the vet examined her, everything was fine. When she first saw them, Luna was ecstatic.

She was really friendly, so it certainly wasn’t a stray that had been left there.

Nikita and Luna, two orphans abandoned and found a day before, follow Luna, who allows them to nurse even though they are not her children. Isn’t she a lovely mother?

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