Others Said She’s A Waste Of Effort But Unconscious Dying Dog Wasn’t Giving In

Others Said She’s A Waste Of Effort But Unconscious Dying Dog Wasn’t Giving In.

The organization named Animal Aid got a call about an injured dog who was about to die on the road. They went there immediately. It was challenging for them to keep hold of their nervousness, but they tried their best to not think about any negative things. It was published by ilovemydogsomuch.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

The situation was not new to them as they had saved many dogs before. But the little one, in this case, was out of senses.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

The vet and the team members tried their utmost best to keep her alive. They took her to the shelter and examined the poor creature thoroughly. The doctors found out she had no fractures, but her neurological test reports were not satisfactory.

They were unsure if she could come out of this unconsciousness, but they decided not to give up on her.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

The rescue team gave her the name “Sona.”

Her injury was severe, and they started cleaning her wound. They also put her on an IV to feed her some nutrients. She was given some antibiotics.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

After three days of her treatment, a woman showed up to serve the dog. She helped Sona with feeding. The poor animal wanted to intake it but couldn’t swallow it even after many attempts.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

She started swallowing her feed on the 6th day, but she was still unable to hold her head in place. It was her 10th day at the shelter when she finally started moving on her own. She was crawling around and was quite active.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

Sona was finally healing. She was a powerful dog willing to fight her battles until the last moment. Everyone around her was so much inspired by her life.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

6 weeks passed by, and time played its part beautifully, and Sona was able to walk finally. It was a challenging journey altogether.

She was adopted by a family where she enjoyed her life and loved snuggling and playing. She is also fond of kittens.

By: Animal Aid Unlimited

Looking at her, anyone would be motivated to be their best version.

All credit goes to the staff who cared for her, and Sona herself was resilient and determined to make her way back to life.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

More Info: Animal Aid Unlimited YouTube

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