Paralyzed puppy finds the strength to rush to welcome his father back from deployment

This is the heartwarming scene that unfolds when a paralyzed puppy rushes to the front door to greet her soldier father, who has been away for six months. Emma is a small pit bull with a big personality. Even though she was born with a birth defect that causes her back legs to be paralyzed, she doesn’t let anything stop her from giving affection.

By: Melissa Swanson

In the video, she is seen making a valiant effort to beat her father to the door as he returns from his military service, and then she gives him a bear hug. It seems that Emma “sits at the end of the hallway and waits” every time someone enters the house through the front door; nevertheless, she makes an extra effort to greet the visitor this time.

By: Melissa Swanson

Although she is not as quick as her four-legged brothers, she shows that she is as delighted as the others to see their father again.

“My husband has been away for the last six months,” she says. “Just before he left, we adopted a special-needs puppy with a terrible birth defect,” says Melissa Proctor Swanson, Emma’s human. “We are long-term foster parents for SNARR, which is a special-needs animal rescue organization.”

By: Melissa Swanson

“Emma and her daddy had a very special relationship! When he left, it blew a hole in her heart. She usually waits for me to pick her up at the end of the hallway, where the door to the house opens. This time, however, when her father came into the room, she went straight to him!

By: Melissa Swanson

“No other dog can compare to the ferocity of his spirit. Her relentlessness in pursuit of her goals is an example to follow. Since the video was shot, Emma has had both of her back legs removed to make it easier to move around.

Watch video below :


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