Paralyzed stray dog crept up to the food when a woman saw him suffering alone

Paralyzed stray dog crept up to the food when a woman saw him suffering alone.

He used everything he had to reach the food bowl and then collapsed from exhaustion.

Homeless animals have enough strength to cope. It is hard enough to find shelter, food and drinking water. This is dangerous for healthy strays, but imagine what it is like for a paralyzed dog!

It is impossible. Yet one dog, later named Kuya Bon, fought to stay alive despite his disability. He was left alone when his owner deemed him unsuccessful after a car hit him.

By: androdass

Kuya Bon’s ruthless owner couldn’t handle a dog that needed so much care. He kicked him out of the only family he knew.

When he was spotted by a trusted person, he had been on the street for a very long time. He had to face many rainy days, especially during the monsoon season.

By: androdass

A female mongrel noticed the dog from a distance and bought a bowl of rice for Kuyabang. She walked up to him and put the bowl down. She wanted to see how horrible his legs were. Despite his difficulties, Kuya Bon slid over to the bowl of food and ate happily.

The girl knew he needed emergency veterinary care. She was going to spend her personal money to help him.

By: androdass

When she was about to give Kuya Bon an X-ray, the woman called the nearby rescuer. She begged him to help her, knowing that she could not hold Kuya Bon and that she did not belong on the street anymore.

The rescuer agreed. When we spoke to the veterinary clinic, Kuyabang was recovering. But what is certain is that he will never go back to the street again!

Watch the rescue in the video below:


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