Puppy Saved From Fire Becomes A Firefighter

Sometimes you have a rough start in life. I’ve always been told that it’s not how you start the race that counts, but how you finish it. The very touching story of a pit bull named Jake is a perfect example.

When Jake was just a little puppy, he was the victim of a fire. He was only a few weeks old at the time. Luckily for Jake, he was rescued from the burning shelter by a firefighter. He was rushed to the vet for treatment. The poor puppy was severely injured by the fire and had burns all over his body.

Unfortunately for Jake, it was there at the vet’s office that he was officially abandoned by his owners. Injured and now homeless, things were not looking good for the little pup. But fate.

intervened in the puppy’s favor when the firefighter responsible for rescuing Jake decided to adopt him.

His life quickly took a turn for the better. Jake recovered from his injuries with the love and support of his new family. Because his new owner was a firefighter, the doggie had to grow up in the firehouse. He fit in well with life at the firehouse and even got his favorite job on the fire truck.

Since his adoption, life has been pretty good for Jake. He gets to help the fire crew check the hydrants. And he’s also become the official mascot of the Hanahan Fire Department. This means Jake has the opportunity to be an ambassador to the public. He regularly visits local schools to educate children about fire safety.

When he became the official mascot, he was sworn in and was able to take the K-9 oath. In addition, he also became an official member of the department, which means he also got his own vest and badge. But perhaps even cuter is the little firefighter uniform that his owner made for him.

Jake has been a vital part of the community through his work with firefighters, but this dog’s work is far from over. In the future, there are also plans for Jake to become a certified therapy dog so that he can work with children who have suffered burns.

This pooch is a special dog! Watch the video below💕:

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