Rescued kangaroo insists on daily couch cuddles with his dad

A rescued kangaroo insists on daily cuddles on the couch with his dad.

No one would ever say “no” to a moment of relaxation on a very comfortable couch, with a favorite TV show on.

But when that’s your daily routine, it can be a bit much. Well, that’s how this lazy kangaroo spends his days.

Everyone, this is Rufus, the world’s most spoiled joey.

Now over 4 years old, Rufus’ life wasn’t always like this. Rescued at eight months old, the kangaroo ended his life at Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston, South Australia.

Fortunately, he found all the love and comfort he needed there in the person of Kym Haywood and her husband Neil, the sanctuary’s managers. The caring couple and the “rescued kangaroo” became so attached that Kym and Neil decided to keep Rufus in their home.

Today, he acts like he owns the place, or at least the couch.

Rufus loves to spend his days lying on the comfy couch, cuddling with his dad. But Neil and Kym soon realized that the couch might not be big enough for them all.

Rufus wants to have it all to himself, and his dad sometimes. Because from time to time, he asks for belly rubs, and Neil gladly gives them to him.

“When he started doing it, we thought it was the cutest thing in the world and we could see that Rufus was very different from the others and how much he loved the couch and how safe it made him feel,” Kym explained.”

“He falls deeply asleep because he knows he’s safe there and he also doesn’t mind watching a little television.”

However, the Haywoods don’t care that there’s no room for them on the couch anymore. The most important thing to them is to see Rufus feeling good and happy!

Watch Rufus’ reaction when his mom lets him know it’s time for bed!

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