Rescuer Finds Dog Buried Up To Her Neck — Then Realizes She’s Not Alone

A dog buried up to her neck barked for help.

It happened on a farm in Turkey, after a landslide buried the dog and her puppies. They were all taken care of by a veterinarian.

Poor dog needed help: Mothers will do anything to protect their children, but it’s not just limited to humans. In the animal world, young animals are mostly cared for by their parents when they are at a vulnerable stage.

It is at this young age that they need an adult to guard them and protect them from predators who are constantly watching them. For this reason, a mother may even put her life in danger to save that of her babies.

A dog buried up to her neck barked for help

This seems to be the case with this mother dog found on the outskirts of a remote farm in Turkey, who was found with her puppies, all buried in a huge pile of dirt. She then screamed for help.

According to The Dodo, veterinarian Soner Büyümez, who was nearby, heard the moans of the canine and rushed to see what it was. “I immediately rushed to the scene. There was a landslide. I saw a trapped dog. Only his head remained above the ground,” Büyümez told this newspaper.

«When I first saw her, it was very complicated,» said the vet, who heard more screams as he started digging. “I heard the puppies crying. They were underground,” he said.

So he searched the ground carefully so as not to hurt the puppies and got them out. In total, he managed to rescue the seven puppies that were buried in the mountain of dirt, and they were able to pull the mother out without major damage.

“His general condition is very good. The mother and her puppies are protected. I will take care of them as if they were my own,” the vet said.

This animal family has not only been saved, but they will no longer have to live on the streets as they have done until now.

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Source: the dodo

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