Senior Dog Is So Sad She Can’t Even Keep Her Head Up After Her Family Moved Away And Abandoned Her

A senior dog is so sad that he can’t even hold his head up after his family has moved and abandoned him.

To our puppies, we are heroes. They love us with all their hearts and we can do no wrong in their eyes.

It’s a big responsibility, and it’s important that we don’t abuse the trust they place in us.

Unfortunately, some people do not hesitate to break that trust.


Like Athena’s former family, who cruelly abandoned her when she needed it most.

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Athena is a sweet and affectionate puppy who has spent most of her life in Nikolaevka, Bulgaria with her family.

She loved her family very much and thought they loved her just as much.

However, one fateful day she discovered how little they valued her love and life.

After many years of being a faithful companion to her family, Athena had become a senior dog and wanted to enjoy her old age the same way she had enjoyed her youth: by taking care of her family.

Unfortunately, her family had a different idea.

Paws 4 Hope

When Athena’s family decided to move, they chose not to take Athena with them.

They thought she was too old, so they left her behind as a broken piece of furniture or another unwanted item.

Poor Athena was heartbroken and scared.

She was all alone, and to make matters worse, they had left her with a heavy chain around her neck.

She was sitting on the side of the road with her head hanging down, looking at the passing cars, and seemed completely inconsolable.

Fortunately, Laura Nagel, a local dog rescue volunteer, heard about this helpless senior dog.


Ms. Nagel rushed to rescue the poor pup and found her sitting on the side of the road with her head down and her eyes filled with sadness and worry.

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Nagel discovered that Athena had managed to survive on scraps provided by sympathetic truckers, but the poor senior was weak, malnourished, absolutely covered in fleas and ticks, and had lost sight in one eye.

Nagel took Athena to a rescue center where she received the care she needed.

She was washed, fed, and cared for and received all the love and care she had been missing.


But although her physical condition is improving, the shelter staff is concerned that they won’t be able to find her a forever home.

Paws 4 Hope

Older dogs have a hard time finding a new home, as people are less interested in older dogs and more interested in puppies.

But Athena was lucky. A family spotted her on social media and knew she was destined to become part of their family.

They were so proud of her for being a fighter and surviving all the hardships that life had thrown at her.

When they looked at her, they didn’t see her as old and useless as her previous family had.

No, they saw her for what she was: a sweet old dog with a big heart and a strong spirit.

Today, Athena has been living with her family for several months, and she is happier than ever.

She finally has a family that truly cares for her and will make the rest of her life happy and full of love.


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