She Tucked Herself Under Tire To Feel Safe, Seizes As Her Body Breaks Down

She Tucked Herself Under Tire To Feel Safe, Seizes As Her Body Breaks Down.

Imagine how much your heart would ache seeing an animal writhing in pain, starving, and at death’s door.

It would be an emotional shock to the system for sure! One woman from Bamba Concepcion, a rescue organization in the Philipines, received a call about a dog in distress. When she came to help, she was floored by the dog’s condition.


The poor dog, emaciated beyond words, lay beneath a car in an auto mechanic’s workshop. She was in so much pain from extreme malnourishment, mange, and parasites.

When the body becomes that malnourished, organs begin to shut down. It’s a terribly painful process that most certainly leads to death. As the rescuer looked at the dog, she began to wail. The dog’s cries were heartbreaking. Then the dog started to have a seizure.

There was no time to waste! She picked the dog up and took her to the medical center. The vet knew just want to do.

He administered anti-seizure medication then tested her blood. She was so anemic that her hemoglobin dropped to dangerous levels. When this happens, blood transfusions are the only option.

Thankfully, the medical center keeps blood on hand. The poor pup was hooked up to an IV and received blood and other meds, including IV fluids. This would certainly make her much stronger.


The dog is still being treated and is slowly improving. It’ll be a long process but she’s in good hands. Since receiving several blood transfusions, her iron levels are improving dramatically. She’s even strong enough to eat on her own. She also hasn’t had a single seizure since they got her medication doses just right.


These wonderful people do this solely for the love of animals. They work tirelessly in the part of the world where strays are everywhere. Most people are so used to seeing animals suffering and on their own that they don’t even notice anymore.

But these rescuers do! Let’s send all these animals and wonderful people our gratitude and our prayers!


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