Shiba Inu Whσ Survived Hσuse Fire Becσmes Theraρy Dσg Fσr Burn Victims

Taka is a Shiba Inu with an unfortunate history who uses his guests to bring respite and comfort to others, just write something.

The nine-year-old dog was severely burned in a fire in 2018. After a stay at the Care More Carnal Sanatorium, he was adopted by one of the techs, Crystal Lesley, who fell in love with the sweet little dog.

Taka had won the hearts of all the sanatorium employees, but during his treatment, he developed a special bond with Lesley, who decided to take him in.

Leslie will eventually let Taka be trained as a therapy dog to help bring comfort to others in his situation.

Coming home with Leslie is a terrible time for Taka, who has suffered multiple traumas recently. He had not only lost his sight in the fire, but also his family.

The fire that disfigured Taka’s face and robbed him of his sight broke out in the family home while he was enjoying an autumn nap.

The devastating fire broke out without warning, forcing his family to flee without him.

While Taka managed to get out under his power and survive the fire, he was severely burned and in critical need of care.

The dedicated caregivers at CareMore Sanitarium worked hard to save Taka’s life. It took several weeks for him to be healthy enough to join the rest of the world, and unfortunately for Taka, he will not return to his family.

His family, overwhelmed by the extent of his injuries, had doubted that they would be able to give Taka the special care he would need.

It was good manners for them to allow Kata to stay in the nursing home. Thus, Kata was left to undergo his treatment and convalescence on his own, and demanded a foster family when the time came for him to leave the sanatorium

The family’s delicate decision eventually led Taka to the awful life he leads now, but at the time, it must have been heartbreaking for the poor dog to lose both his sight and his family.

So Taka was over the moon when he finally found a new loving home with his foster mom.

Things that were originally meant to stay temporarily, until Taka found a new home, and soon it was endless.

Leslie realized that she didn’t want to give up this sweet, positive, caring puppy now, so she supported him and became his approved dog mom.

But the cohabitation wasn’t always easy. Taka didn’t get along with his new canine siblings at first, so Lesley decided to enroll him in the dog training project.

There, Taka received the training and structure he needed to feel more confident and secure.

Since Taka was doing so well in training and seemed to enjoy it, Lesley decided to let him train as a therapy dog as well.

She is honored that Taka has the gentle, comforting nature that makes him a perfect healer.

And, because of his hosts, he would be especially suited to caring for burn victims.

Now, it’s been over a year since Taka planted himself in that burning structure and his life has changed forever. Since then, too, he has come a long way.

He has lifelong musketeers at Care More Carnal Sanatorium, a brand new family he can relate to, and he just passed his therapy dog training. You can follow Taka on his Facebook page Taka’s Journey, where he does all sorts of cute, heart-warming things.

It’s amazing what you can change in a short time, and we’re sure Taka will improve many lives.

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