The American shorthair cat is one of the most suitable breeds for a family, or the American cat can live with one person. It is a very excellent companion although it is suitable for raising it with the elderly to calm it down, just like the American cat is a faithful pet. The American cat comes in several colors and patterns on its fur with its medium and balanced body.

The American Shorthair Cat is an heirloom to Americans, as is the game of American baseball and apple pie. He has been a family member in the United States for over 400 years.

Physical characteristics of the American cat:

The American short-haired cat is a medium-sized cat, which shows a lot of balance, endurance, and adaptation to all conditions. The most striking American cat color is silver fur with black markings and it is the most common color of this type, but there are over 69 other colors available for American cat shorthair.

The fur of the American cat is short and strong, and it comes in several colors such as white, charcoal black or smoky, as well as reddish-blue.

As for the characteristics of the American cat, he is intelligent and sympathetic. He is also a hunter and loves all members of the family. The size of females is smaller than that of males.

The personality and mood of the American cat:

The American Shorthair Cat is indeed a very perfect cat for the person who wants a quiet cat and not a cat who likes to melt and wreak havoc throughout the house, just as the American cat is an easy breed to tame. a lot and devotes his life to the family and is very safe for children, in addition, this cat understands with many pets like dogs and other pets in the house.

We do note that female cats tend to be busier than males and males are more forgiving, but in general, cats belonging to this breed are intelligent and interested in everything around them and many of them keep their minds. hunting instinct inside and use it with all the insects present inside the house, just like the American cat. He would love to see birds and other activities from the window, although this cat has a lot of fun with the people around him, he is an independent personality despite that.

Caring for an American cat:

Fortunately, American cat hair can be combed easily and only needs combing a few times a week to remove dead hair and redistribute skin oils. This cat’s fur varies with climate and time of year, and you can also use an American cat toothbrush to prevent gum disease. Once a week is enough, and it’s better than nothing. As for nail trimming, it’s every two weeks.

You should also wipe the corners of the eyes with a soft damp cloth continuously and avoid using the same cloth for the eyes to avoid exposure to the spread of infection from the affected eye to the eye. healthy, and check your American cat’s ears every week, if it looks dirty at this time, you can make a suitable mixture to clean it, such as vinegar, apple juice, and lukewarm water in tton and a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using cotton swabs altogether, as you can damage the cat,

it is every two weeks.

You should also wipe the corners of the eyes with a soft and damp cloth continuously and avoid using the same cloth for the eyes into void exposure to the spread of infection from the affected eye to the healthy eye, and check your American cat’s ears every week, if it appears dirty at the time you can make a suitable mixture to clean it like a few Vinegar, apple juice, and warm water in a cotton ball and a soft damp cloth. Avoid completely using cotton swabs, as you can damage the cat’s ear.


Cats are characterized by being one of the most popular pets that many can accept, as they are characterized by their calm and intelligence, in addition to their good looks and good shape, and there are many types. of cats including Shirazi, Calico, Japanese, Abyssinians, Siamese, and others, and cats are famous for their love of play and fun. She also has a keen sense of hearing, can see in the dark, has a strong sense of smell, and loves to sleep for hours on end.

Burmilla Cat Specifications:

The Burmilla cat is one of the types of domestic cats, and it is a British breed, as a result of an accidental mating between the Chan Sheila strain and the Burmese wild breed. There is a short-haired type of Burmilla cat, a very curious, very intelligent, and very friendly cat, with white and green-eyed fur, with rapid acquisition of skills.
There is a long-haired Burmilla cat, which is not much different from a short-haired Burmilla cat. The Burmilla cat is a preferred choice for any family or person who enjoys raising and acquiring cats because is characterized by the intelligence and love of its owners.

History of the breed:

The breed emerged as the natural result of the accidental mating of an unrecognized border of a purple cat from a Burmese breed and a cat from a Persian chinchilla, and Burmilla came by chance because a ct surprising exceeded all expectations, and the breeders themselves love to say about this breed.

The first Burmilla appeared in 1981, and in 1987 it was recognized by professional breeders internationally, and it is believed that the birth of a true and pure breed takes at least five generations, and the breed is widespread in Europe, America, and Australia, but in Russia, there are still very few.

Formal characteristics:

Burmilla has an appearance that combines two breeding lines. Its build is medium, Burmese type, and the wool is not as big but not as weak as the chinchilla, but it still gives the cat incredible beauty.
The average cat weighs 4-7 kg, the dense skeleton with strongly advanced muscles, the head is small, a wide muzzle and a narrow triangular nose, while the cheeks are well defined, with a small twist in the nose, the chin gives a visible force, either. The eyes are slightly angled, almond-shaped, green in color, giving the white color a family beauty that is rarely found in many breeds and species of cats.
Wool is short in one type and long in another, but it is delicate and soft with a small substrate, which makes it appear lean.

The general state of health of Burmilla:

Those interested in Burmilla notice that it is prone to allergies and polycystic kidney disease. Burmilla is therefore a special type of nutrition, because the diet should be chosen effectively, preferably after consulting a specialist, and the jam should make sure to follow the body’s reaction to any change in the diet.

Care and attention:

Burmilla wool is exposed despite its medium length, but it is vulnerable to the formation of pellets, and to avoid these problems, professionals are advised to comb the animals once a week, which will remove the excess. of sebum and to avoid the appearance of bruises.

The need to shower once or twice a month:

A Burmilla cat loves to walk in the great outdoors, so it is necessary to meet his needs, help him enjoy the outdoors, and have fun in nature. Just as the Burmilla will feel happy, it will also give you an overwhelming sense of joy.
Borella cats are suitable for socializing and raising everyone, as they are suitable for singles, husbands, children, and families, as they are very affectionate, emotional, active, and inquisitive cats and their behavior is closer to behavior. dogs, so they are often bred in the presence of dogs.


Most cat breeds are known for their strong hatred of water, but the Turkish cat differs from other cats in this regard as it is known for its love of water and swimming skills.

A Turkish cat appeared in the Lake Van region of eastern Turkey thousands of years ago and proliferated there, and it has been able to adapt to the climate that prevails in this region.

A mouse cat is used to living in houses, and it is a kind of intelligent calm, and it is considered to be one of the low fertility breeds, because the female gives birth to 4 puppies in each cradle, and takes care of them until they reach the beginning of the age of maturity.

The Turkish pickup truck takes 3 to 5 years to reach full maturity, and a mature male weighs 18 pounds, while a female weighs 10 pounds and mostly lives over 13 years.

He has a strong body and a thick, soft coat, often completely white, sometimes it is noticed that there are brown spots, and he has large eyes and sometimes their colors are different.

Turkish vans prefer high places and are distinguished from other cats by their ability and skill to swim, which is why it is called “swimming cat”.


The Singapore cat is a kind of small cat, some describe it as a small masterpiece, it is a national symbol of the state of Singapore, thanks to the fame of this breed at an American cat breeder who brought this cat-back from Singapore and worked to develop a careful breeding program which has yielded impressive results.

Known as a short, soft brown coat, the Singapore cat has a flexible body made up of a large group of muscles.

He is characterized by his excessive energy which makes him a very distinctive cat, his beautiful little shape and huge activity make Singaporean cats love, has big eyes and long bangs that make him look like a little furry doll full of energy and vitality.

He is friendly, intelligent, and social, loves to take care of himself and sometimes he can ask his master to take care of him if he neglects him, the Singaporean cat hates being alone and hates abuse.

Interactions of the Singapore cat with children and other animals:

This guy is very intelligent and interacts with young children, his great energy makes him stop playing only when young children stop, he can always learn new games and tricks.

He can live with dogs and the rest of the animals without a problem, just be sure to bring the animals together under supervision to avoid problems when first meeting.

Children must be taught not to abuse the Singapore cat because it is sensitive and hates abuse.


The colors of the Manx cat:

Manx cats come in all colors and patterns and they are polymorphic, they are colorful and dotted, as well as the shell color of the turtle, and they can be dotted in binary or speckled, and they come in brown (whitish-yellow) as well as red, blue, black and white.

Characteristics of a Manx cat:

It has a round head, very set ears, and large round eyes, and has strong hind legs that allow it to turn and turn quickly, the strong hind legs are longer than the front legs so it curves its back from the side. back up, although the cat does not dispense with the tail because it is so important, do not be surprised by my brothers. A cat without a tail like a human without looking, is essential because it is the source of balance for the cat and without it, the cat cannot jump from another place or from a tree trunk to another. another place, if you notice cats jumping from one place to another only to find that the one without a tail falls off and cannot effectively jump the other cats.
But mink cats are tailless and can effectively jump over other cats because God replaced them with full buttocks, the back part of them is bigger than the front part and so God made up for the tail by making it like the other cats, who created it this way and improved his life even though other cats who happened to him got lost in a difficult life.

History of the Manx cat:

The story of this type of cat is an integral part of it. No one knows the exact history of this breed, but there are several myths behind the emergence of this breed. One of these myths recalls that this cat arrived late at Noah’s ark by the time the door was closed so he cut off its tail and another legend says that Irish fighters cut off the cat’s tail for decorating their helmets and that a cat took pity on their little animals and gently cut their tails to avoid pain later.

It is also mentioned that one of the Spanish ships sank in AD 1588 near the Irish coast and carried on its back a group of these cats which developed until they are what they are now. Manx cats are believed to have originated from the Isle of Man “Isle of Man” (an island in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland) some 300 years ago, and there are many myths about the origin of these cats. Others said they were from a Spanish fleet and others said from ships.

And if we look at it scientifically, the scientists went on to say that the lack of a tail in these cats is caused by automatic change. It was said to come from the back of tailless ships, so it’s hard to go back to the origin of the Manx cats… We were intrigued by the Manx cat. Everyone thinks and tries to analyze to reach your origin and where your tail went.

Manx cat health:

Manx cats are very slow to reach adult size and reach their maximum size in about five years. Manx cats are a relatively healthy generation, that is, their health issues, especially Manx cats problems, are associated with it, and the reason for this is the Manx gene, which shortens the spine, this which can lead to severe spinal deformities and which creates gaps in some of the last vertebra, as well as melts other vertebrae.
The problems appear during the first month and cause great difficulty in walking. The breeder should therefore not leave the kitten in cat houses before the age of 4 months.

Health problems of the Manx cat:

One of the most important things we talk about is helping the Manx cat, as it can suffer from certain difficulties. Only men can suffer from problems due to Manx syndrome which is caused by Jane Manx shortening the spine which can lead to serious spinal defects and create gaps in some of the last vertebrae as well as the spine. fusion of other vertebrae, so we can find that he needs special attention during the first month of his life.

Nature of the Manx cat:

Pet cats love a person, especially when they are new, and also love and walk with other cats and animals, as well as love to sit in their owner’s womb, and love Manx cats to play. with their owner, especially children, and it is the best animal to play with children, and Manx cats treat them equally well with cats and dogs, and some people have called it “the dog cat” because of his strong desire to deal with people and share their game like dogs. They are very intelligent cats and learn quickly. They get used to the name given to them when they warn them to use a tool such as a whistle, which is silent and affectionate, and calls out a distinctive and silent backhand How tall it appears.

In the end, we hope that we have managed to present what is important to you and that you occupy a lot of the Manx cat. of what the creator bestowed on the Almighty in a distinctive form but we must know that the Manx cat even if He does not have the possession of the tail, he has a larger size than normal cats and has strong paws, and is considered one of the smartest cats and is very friendly to deal with… you might end up spending long hours and playing with it’s not just your kids.

6. LaPerm

LaPerm is a newcomer to the UK, but they are quickly finding a fan base thanks to their beautiful nature and charming appearance. These medium-sized cats with unusual and unusual coats were born in the United States and it all happened by accident.


LaPerm was first developed by chance in the 1980s when farmers noticed a wrinkled kitten in farm animal cats. Over the next few years, more cats with wrinkled coats appeared on the Cherry Farm, prompting farmers to contact the Cat Lovers Association. It was discovered that the original little curly kitten had a new dominant gene that was responsible for its curly coat which had been passed on to the kittens. Then a breeding program was put in place and it was decided to call these furry cats LaPerms.

Soon he found a large breed of fans, not only in the United Statesbut also elsewhere in the world, including the United Kingdom. The first LaPerms hit UK beaches in 2002 with the strain awarded a full championship mode ten years later in 2012. Today, LaPerm has proven to be a great companion and pet thanks to its charming nature and affection


LaPerm is a medium-sized cat that has a beautiful, slightly curly coat that gives the breed its distinctive appearance. Long and short-haired cats have very soft coats. They have somewhat subdued wedge heads with nice rounded profiles. Their heads are taller than they are wide, but they blend in with the rest of the cat’s body. They have prominent hair pads and are well-rounded and full. Males tend to have more hens than their female counterparts.

When viewing the image in cats, cats have a long, straight nose with a soft convex curve that rises from the base of the cat’s eyes to their eyes. Their foreheads tend to be flat to the top of their head, before gently leaning over the cat’s head, then down to the neck. LaPerms have nice lines on their eyebrows, and when viewed in profile their cheeks are also well defined. They have large nozzles that adapt well to the shape of a moderately long cat’s head. Chin firm with LaPerms after moderate to severe longitudinal rupture.

The nose is broad, straight, not long, and prides itself on a slight parting of the nose, but without any sign of stopping. Their ears are positioned to continue to define the wedge-shaped cat head of a modified cat, being concave and small. Their ears are medium to large her low nor too high on cats. The ears are well furnished and have earmuffs Cats have tufts at the end of their ears, which is another distinctive physical characteristic of the breed. They have medium-sized, very prepared, almond-shaped eyes, but when they wake up their eyes turn round. The eyes are slightly slanted, which adds to the cat’s alien gaze.

LaPerm prides itself on having a moderately tall body that is long up to its erect and held neck. The paws are medium in length, but they still adapt to the cat’s body. Their front legs are usually shorter than their hind legs. The feet are nicely rounded and their tails adapt well to the body of long-haired cats which have a very large tail, but LaPerm’s short coat has more than the brushtail, but both are thicker at the base. before spawning up to a point.

When it comes to their coat, LaPerm pride itself on having a medium to long coat, and both males and females gently flap around their necks when they reach full maturity. They have very long mustaches, nice curly ears, and eyebrows that often crease. Their coats are either wavy or curly which makes them my favorite. LaPerm can only be any color and style and all are acceptable under the GCCF breed standard.

LaPerm prides itself on its endearing nature and building strong bonds with its families. They love to be involved in everything around them and love to play interactive games. They keep their feline characters throughout their lives and that’s one of the reasons sharing a home with LaPerm is so fun.

They like to be around people and don’t like to be left alone for a long time. As such, it is best suited for families where at least one person resides in the house when everyone is outside the house or in homes where there are other pets such as a dog or a dog. another cat so that they always have company. She is not known to be very talkative, but she will soon let the owner know when it is time to feed them.

They also love being able to explore great outdoor places, but like other breeds, it is always wise to keep a cat as an indoor pet if it is not safe to let it go outside. The good news is that LaPerms are very adaptable and therefore happy to live as an indoor cats if they have a lot of things to do and places to explore inside the house. That means investing in good quality cat toys, some scratching, and building tall perches so they can climb when the mood takes.

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