The stray dog with a tumor found love in his last days, until his last breath

The stray dog with a tumor found love in his last days, until his last breath.

Every dog deserves a decent life, especially when they are going through a difficult time, like when they are suffering from growth. Not every furry musketeer is known for growing up in a loving home, yet behind the biggest storm lies a beautiful rainbow of rescue.

Gus, the dog got a second chance at life when he least expected it.

Gus was a beautiful little dog who lived for a very long time on the cold and stormy streets of Texas, USA, until he was rescued by S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast association in favor of creatures, located in the New York megalopolis.

To help Gus, they had to transfer him from Texas to New York.

Gus’ situation was unlike that of other pets that the association’s samples had taken upstream. The traffic lanes wiped out his health, causing a cancerous growth right next to one of his eyes.

The janitors of the place devoted themselves to filling the hairy with care and attention. He required radiation therapy and also suffered from a disease called heartworm.


Despite his many affections, Gus’ pure heart was complete. He was the friendliest and warmest dog in the entire association; it was simply hard not to love him and, as a result, his cause touched the hearts of hundreds.

“Need money! I don’t understand how we can see a dog in this condition and do nothing. Gus will endure seeing our experts for surgical treatment and will endure expensive health care. PLEASE HELP US HELP GUS,” the association asked the e-dogs via their social media.

Thousands of people supported Gus, both financially and emotionally. It was difficult to give him anesthesia, but the members of the association decided to do everything they could to give him a better quality of life.

Gus’ surgery was a success and fate had a lot of happiness in store for him.

After emerging victorious from his surgery, the little dog had to continue to undergo chemotherapy and deal with his heart condition. But he still prepared to be a permanent guest in a loving home.


Gus was left to his own devices and his infinite family took it upon themselves to stuff him with thousands of darlings. He became the baby of the house, where he loved to spend big marathons in front of the television; being by his side was like having a fully educated and loving gentleman.

He loved children and made friends of all kinds.

Gone is the dark story of this little canine. Soon, instead of the cold evening, he’ll be able to sleep in a plush bed and never be empty again, because he’ll be able to enjoy all the hot burgers he asks for.

He had it all and had become his family’s entire world. As if that wasn’t enough, after his foster placement, he continued to receive support from the association’s specialists and had his live-in nanny, who took it upon herself to tuck him into bed every night.

They say that the moment of style in life is brief and that’s what happened to Gus. After a few months of togetherness, he failed at the age of 12, leaving an unforgettable mark on those who had the joy of knowing his story of motivating struggle.

“I’m going to miss falling asleep every night with your blue blanket. I wish we had more time together, your heart deteriorated so quickly. But if I learned anything from you, it’s how to act selflessly, so I could hear you when you told me it was your time to go. I hope you’re taking a nap in the sun now, dear Gus,” the furry nanny wrote.


There is no mistrust, the only precious and important point in life is to spread love via behaviors that complete the sadness of the most innocent, those with the most immense hearts and who only ask to be rewarded.

When you find a homeless person on the streets, don’t ignore them; get them the help they need.

Image source: androdass

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