These Funny Photos Are Pretty Hard to Explain

There are certain moments in life when you come across something truly unexplainable, and you just have to share it with others. The following people saw something that left them in a curious state of both amusement and confusion, so they decided to snap a photo and let the internet weigh in. Prepare yourself, because the more you look at these photos, the weirder they get.

Behold, the Holy One Who Wants to Be Loved and Petted

Throughout history, cats have been loved by humans for a variety of reasons. In Egypt, they were even seen as magical creatures and mummified to be taken into the afterlife (presumably to steal chairs there, too). Later on, particularly in Europe, they were suspected of being familiars to those accused of witchcraft. Now, we don’t know the origin stories for why these mischievous fluffballs have gained such varied, fantastical reputations, but pictures like this may give some clue.

Yes, that cat is being cradled by none other than a statue of Jesus himself. Now, if you were from our ancient past, wouldn’t you think something otherworldly was happening at such a surreal sight?

Is That a Ginormous Snail or a Ridiculously Small Dog?

Looking at this picture, it’s hard to believe that dogs were once wolves. At some point in their history, they decided to become humanity’s best friend, but, in doing so, lost a little of their identity. Some even became so-called toy dogs, made popular by celebrities like Paris Hilton. These days, countless dogs even find themselves being carried around in purses. Sure, their wolf ancestors might look on in disbelief, but it must beat suffering in the cold wilderness!


Still, this size difference is striking. Just look at this little guy, it’s the size of a snail! It’d make for the cutest Pokemon battle, though.

here’s Something Awfully Familiar About These Two

Ever have a weird sense of deja vu, or seen a face that you’re absolutely certain that you’ve come across before? Usually, this happens with humans, but it looks like even our canine friends can leave us firmly confused as well. It seems here that there has to have been a glitch in the matrix. How else would you explain two animated puppers from a 1950s Disney movie existing in the real world? And together, no less!


What’s more, they seem to be waiting for someone. Either they’re eager to get adopted, or someone hasn’t been quick enough with the spaghetti they ordered. If it’s the latter, get them some Italian takeout and romantic music, stat!

Not so Glamorous Now

As the old saying goes, if you can’t go to Hollywood, just bring Hollywood to you. Sure, it’s a giant mound of dirt and debris, but if you have the vibes, you can easily overlook those flaws. In fact, if you find enough celebrity impersonators, some shrubs, a palm tree or two, and draw a few stars on the ground with chalk, it might be hard to tell it apart from the original.

Pictures from Polish profiles

All you truly need is sunshine, a pair of big shades, and the mindset that you’re living it up. You just have to believe in the magic of Hollywood!

Did Doctor Strange Leave His Calling Card?

If you’ve ever seen the fantastical Marvel movie Doctor Strange, you’d probably remember the titular character using a Sling Ring to generate an inter-dimensional portal to take him to endless places. Well, it looks like one of those destinations happened to be an otherwise unremarkable forest. Surely only he could produce such a flawless shape that would put any professional landscaper to shame. Yet, if it wasn’t Doctor Strange, then there is something much creepier going on on the edge of these trees.


We’d much prefer the Master of the Mystical Arts over, say, terrifying banshees or other mythical monsters. Although, if it’s Bigfoot, we’re ok with it. He’s pretty cool.

This Cat Is Obviously Planning His Revenge


Cats are notorious for their intelligence and their pathological hatred of mice. Often, when combined, it can make for chaotic results. Yet, this cat is watching Tom and Jerry, a cartoon that has never been one to showcase how brutal a feline’s fury really is. Perhaps that’s why this cat is so fixated on the animation. Thinking, waiting, biding their time to take revenge for the bitter and humiliated Tom. Should that be the case, all we can hope for is that the television, and the entire house, survive their endless rage. For a cat wronged, is a cat to avoid.

No Mission Is Impossible for a Hungry Cat

We don’t know about you, but seeing this picture left the Mission Impossible theme song stuck in our head for hours! And, why not? This cat is putting Tom Cruise to shame with its amazing athleticism. We don’t think it’s to stare at the pretty blue water, the bubbles, or the calming lights. No, we think hunger is playing a role here, or perhaps jealousy that the fish get the cool digs.


Either way, whoever took this photo have probably been on their toes, ready to pounce like, well, a cat about to launch itself at a fish tank. Otherwise, this photograph shows a recipe for disaster.

Someone Get That Man a Medal for Improvisation

You may have seen objects like these in your town. Sadly, these aren’t art installations, nor are they strange architectural designs intended to make whoever views them uneasy. Rather, they’re meant to stop the homeless from sleeping in these areas or setting up tents. It goes without saying that this practice is widely unpopular, so it was only a matter of time before they became the architectural version of climbing the Himalayas.


This is far less scenic than the Himalayans for sure, and this guy is definitely utilizing it in the best way possible.

When You Have a Meeting at Three and a Battle at Four

Back in the 2000s, in the wake of the (literally) massive success of Gerard Butler’s film 300, it felt like everyone wanted to dress up as a Spartan soldier for Halloween. Yet, no matter how seemingly common the costume was, we could have never imagined that it was so popular that it would practically fill an entire train carriage. That is until we saw a picture that really is worth a 1000 words.


There are so many questions to ask, the first one being why? Are they on their way to a big battle? A frat party? Or is it bring your shield and sword to work day?

These Mannequins Feel Like a Personal Attack on Golfers

Look, no one ever claimed that golf is a sport in the traditional sense. Well, at least no one we know has ever expressed that opinion. Nevertheless, there is no one template for a golfer’s appearance. While we wouldn’t be surprised if many bear a striking resemblance to Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, that doesn’t mean all golfers do. So, why did this department store make such a bold choice with their mannequins?


Did the manager notice a theme among those buying shirts like these? Or were these mannequins meant to be used to show off Thor costumes from Avengers: Endgame? It’s a mystery for the ages.

A Good Pupper Always Knows How to Support Their Owner

Throughout history, dogs have always been “The Good Boy.” Sure, they’re descended from wild wolves, but we doubt they’d ever want to go back to being undomesticated (even if that means they have to wear embarrassing costumes for Halloween or get their fur styled at pet salons). After all, they get regular meals, lots of cuddles and walks, and a warm place to live in. And, what would we do without their energy and unconditional love?


For starters, if we were this guy, we’d have to hold our own showerhead. We’re not sure why this is happening, or why the human is washing their hair while clothed. It must’ve been a long day.

One Smooth Ride

If you’ve ever seen the classic 90s film, Hocus Pocus, you probably remember the hilarious scene where the villainous Sanderson sisters have to improvise when they lose their original brooms. Poor Mary gets the short end of the stick when she is saddled with a vacuum cleaner, with inevitably awkward results. You can only imagine the power Mary would have had, if she only had this broom instead – complete with a convenient seat for total comfort.


Who knows? Maybe things would have turned out differently for the witches had they had this in their home. Or, at the least, Mary could have had some dignity in her final moments.

The Yearly Hedgehog Club Get Together

Thanks to Sonic, it might be hard to imagine hedgehogs as anything other than a speeding, blue blur obsessed with gold rings and hunted by weird villains. Yet, in reality, your typical hedgehog is a relaxed, gentle, completely adorable creature that doesn’t have to worry about such excitement. When they’re not hibernating, they spend their time going about their lives in peace, sniffing around for food in gardens and forests. Sounds totally magical, right?


The context only makes this picture look even more like an enchanting summoning circle. In fact, we already want to join the club, but we’re not hedging our bets on getting our application approved.

This Would Have Probably Worked Better on a Lamborghini

Unless this car happens to run on whatever engine powered the A-Team’s iconic ride, it’s hard to see how it could ever do Sonic the Hedgehog justice. We’re talking about an incredibly speedy animal that would break countless land-speed records after all. On the side of this car, he’s more likely to be going at a comfortable pace, much slower than we would like.


It’s a cute idea, but we truly wish the driver had the opportunity to give Sonic the speed he deserves.

We Wish We Had the Level of Self-Confidence

This photo truly shows the ferocity that cats sometimes have. No matter if they’re big or small, they don’t seem to be afraid of much, do they? Sure, at first glance, those cute little tabbies seem to prefer lounging on comfortable cushions, moving only to get fed by their owner. But switch on a laser pointer, and you would usually discover a predator that would put the evil Scar from The Lion King to shame.


As this person found out, a cat, no matter how domesticated, is confident enough to think it could take on a snake. And, you know what? With this kind of attitude, we’re pretty sure they could.

Let Us Come Together and Pray for Daily Walks and Chew Toys

Praying is a deeply personal thing, one that is done for a variety of reasons. Often, observant families gather, join hands and pray together. While that might happen over dinner, this family did it in their living room. Unusually, their dog wanted to get involved. Though it’s incredibly cute, and could easily be the focus of an adorable animation, we have to ask what the pup could be praying for.


A fresh bone? Maybe a plushier blanket to keep the cold at bay? Or even a new season of the iconic 90s kids show Wishbone. Whatever the prayer, we hope it was answered.

Cthulhu Is Not Playing Around

We know so little about our oceans. Every year, new creatures are discovered in the darkest depths. A few are the very definition of nightmare fuel, but there’s nothing that comes close to the ancient fears of mariners about gigantic octopuses emerging from the deep to drag your ship to a watery grave. Sure, if you happened to be Jack Sparrow, you might manage to escape (after drinking a few barrels of rum), but most of us likely wouldn’t make it.


Here, we have a scuba diver who appears to have been confronted by a much smaller variety of octopus. Either they’re annoyed about being disturbed, or they’re a representative for the Great Old One, also known as Cthulhu.



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