They Broke In & Stole Abused Puppies Since No One Did Anything About It

They Broke In & Stole Abused Puppies Since No One Did Anything About It

Animal rescuer Viktor Larkhill and his team got a call about puppies that were living with squatters. According to neighbors, they were being badly abused and neglected, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When Viktor went to speak with the squatters and ask that they surrender the dogs, they refused. What happened next has dog lovers cheering around the globe!

Viktor and one of his partners broke into the yard and stole both puppies! You can see, in the video below, both men running away from the house, pups in hand, as fast as they can. The two men didn’t care about the consequences; they only cared that the puppies were enduring what no dog should ever have to.

One of the neighbors who reported the incident recorded what was going on in the nearby house. You can hear the man angrily scream, and then it sounds like he’s hitting something. The evil man screams, “I’m going to smash you!” And other threats to the dogs. Then come the puppies’ screams.

Nothing can be seen but it was obvious that these dogs were not safe. That was proof enough! Viktor was determined to get those dogs out safely, even if he had to put his own life on the line.

Finally, with the two puppies safely in Viktor’s car, he names them Johnny and Carla. He brings them right to their foster home with two loving people to care for them. The puppies do so well with the couple! Their next step, now that they’re healthy, is to go to a wonderful rescue center.

Soon the puppies are ready for adoption! Viktor makes a plea to adopters from all over the world. But Viktor had a big challenge. His Facebook and YouTube followers kept saying not to separate the puppies. But the truth is, placing any dog is a challenge. But placing two dogs together when they’re already big and growing at lightning speed would prove impossible.

Once these challenges were addressed and Viktor and his team faced the facts, they focused on adopting the dogs out separately. Johnny found a wonderful home first. Carla did a few weeks later!

Viktor wanted to take Johnny to his new home and see where he would be living. Johnny hops out of the car and enters the property.

This is not Johnny’s forever home yet but it’s a wonderful place owned independently by true animal lovers. The owners allow dogs and horses to socialize on their property. And what a property it is!

Johnny is thrilled to go in and meet other dogs. He’s nicely greeted by a pack then meets the woman who owns this delightful place.

Johnny’s new human friend then brings him over to the horses and they all greet each other too! Within an hour, Johnny can be seen playing happily with another dog. This warms Viktor’s heart. For a puppy to go through what he had gone through, and then see him playing worry-free — is all the reward Viktor needs.

In a few short days, Viktor unites Johnny with his new loving parents. They welcome him with open arms. You can tell that Johnny is going to be loved. A lot.

Johnny went from a living nightmare to living a dream life. To support Viktor and his rescue mission, watch the video and learn more!


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