They left me like trash and picked me up like I was a treasure

They left me like trash and picked me up like I was a treasure.

In the United States, unfortunately, there is no clear framework law that protects all animals in the country.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is still a great ignorance of the needs of equines, and also of the situation of unfair treatment that they suffer in many cases.


This is the story of River, a horse that was found and rescued by César García and his little one, while they were both walking near Grayson Road, in Modesto, California, USA.

The poor animal was in a bad state, lying on the ground, abandoned to its fate by an unscrupulous and merciless being. According to the witnesses, the history of the quadruped was not clear. They only saw a trailer full of horses, pulled by a dark-colored truck, followed by a gray minivan.


The equine had several open wounds on its body and it appeared to be in real distress, so Garcia immediately called the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department to report the situation, and within minutes several officers were on the scene to help the unfortunate victim.

The person responsible was nowhere to be found, but someone heard the story and immediately called Bobbie Carne, who has been helping and rescuing animals of all kinds for 20 years.


I often receive these types of calls when someone finds an animal in need. I’ve been involved in many rescues and have seen horrible things done to animals, so it doesn’t surprise me anymore,” said Carne.

Despite his experience, Carne couldn’t believe what he saw. The condition of the animal was truly incredible. Its face and sides showed signs of having been tied up and dragged by whoever had brought it there.


I was almost at the point of no return. The horse was in serious condition when he arrived here and blood work showed he had been in a prolonged state of starvation, the rescuer added.

Dressed in his pajamas, Carne joined officers in the park and they began to formulate a plan to be able to get him the help River needed. Another man, who had caught wind of the situation, returned to the scene with a double-wide trailer. Together they were able to get River to his feet, load him into the trailer and transport him to Taylor Veterinary Hospital in Turlock.


Dr. Rebecca Curry was responsible for treating River’s wounds, administering medication, and feeding him at a steady but balanced pace, as feeding too quickly could cause the animal to go into shock.

The story was shared by Carne and García on their social media accounts, eliciting thousands of expressions of support from users. In fact, for Bryen Camden of Riverbank, the response was one of determination: to give River a better life.

The horse made a miraculous recovery


Upon seeing the post, the woman who already has two rescued horses approached Carne and said she would take care of River once he was out of veterinary care.


For her part, Camden decided to keep River’s name, but added Maximus, to show the inner strength the horse has shown so far.


Fortunately, thanks to García’s complaint and the quick reaction of the authorities, River managed to recover. Today, he looks strong, his fur is shiny and he seems very happy in his new home.


Please share this story with your family and friends and report any instances of undignified animal treatment. Don’t let it happen. We are your voice.


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