This husky who was rejected by a dog breeder because of his weird appearance is going viral

This husky who was rejected by a dog breeder because of his weird appearance is going viral.

Most of us humans have a very special place in our hearts for anything fluffy and cute. Especially if that little thing is man’s best friend.

After all, how can you resist those adorable dogs who waddle around wagging their tails excitedly, chasing every object they can find in the house or smashing the glass door after seeing a bird outside. I’m not sure where that last sentence came from, but you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, not all silly dogs are loved unconditionally and some have trouble finding their forever homes despite their great personalities. Jubilee is one of those dogs who has been blessed with a lovable personality, but whose appearance is so unique that it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope!


While this unusual-looking husky canine hasn’t exactly found a permanent home, Caroline Hilliard, who cared for her while in North Carolina almost two years ago, said she’s still a sweet and very adaptable canine.

“I loved her very much and wanted to adopt her, but I was happy to hear that she was going to be placed in a dog shelter. She was so shy but wanted to be loved. I hope she gets better now. I’m going to post some of the things I have of her, even though she was much skinnier (too skinny) back then.”


Although many people have commented on their desire to adopt this adorable canine, the Husky Residence hasn’t really received many official requests. One reason may be that people live too far away and the animal shelter can’t arrange home visits with them to make sure the puppy will really find a loving home.

“We do require home visits (unfortunately, not via Skype, as not everyone is honest), but we have previous adopters in various other areas, so you can always try. Unfortunately, we also took the option of adopting out of state and the adoption did not work out. The person called and demanded that we get the dog back or she would dump him at a local sanctuary. So we were forced to make sure the distance was reasonable, in case we had to get there quickly.”


Jubilee was brought to the Husky House, which is a husky specific rescue group who understood just how special Jubilee was. A lot of people talked about adopting her but no one pulled the trigger and went through with it.


She ended up with a family who has already adopted some huskies from the Husky House and now has two fur-siblings just as beautiful as she is.

Source: HuskyHouse

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